Wednesday, 23 June 2004

2004 public imaging program

A free program of silent cinema exhibited on more than 30 screens scattered through ACMI's corridors and arcades, the 2004: Australian Culture Now Public Imaging Program re-imagines the everyday world in playful and surprising ways - distorting time and motion, altering space, and dissecting the physical gestures of hysteria, shock and attraction. Exhibited artists include Marcus Lyall, Cordelia Beresford, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Daniel Crooks and Sascha Ettinger-Epstein.

Cordelia Beresford, The Eye Inside (Part 1), 2004 - Cordelia Beresford known for her lush and evocative cinematography, which has made a distinctive mark on Australian cinema via such films as Martha's New Coat (directed by Rachel Ward), the AFI Award nominated Preservation (Sofya Gollan, 2003) and Restoration (which she also directed), winner of the Dendy prize for Best Short at the 2000 Sydney Film Festival as well as cross-artistic collaborations such as her work with Chunky Move on the stunning interactive work Closer (staged at ACMI at Federation Square as part of the 2003 Melbourne Festival). A new commission especially for the 2004 Public Imaging program, The Eye Inside examines the political implications of documenting hysteria unravelled in a sensual study of emotional excess, using notorious photographs of female 'hysterical' patients from the Salpetriere Hospital (Paris, 1870s-1880s) as a starting point. 

Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Spin the Bottle, 2003-2004; Tag, 2004 and The Effects of Fire, 2004 - Amiel Courtin-Wilson has achieved considerable success creating a wide range of film and video works traversing documentary, experimental and narrative forms including the feature documentary Chasing Buddha, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and winner of Best Documentary at the 2000 IF Awards, and Islands, winner of the Documentary Excellence Award at Real: Life on Film, 2001.

Daniel Crooks, On Perspective and Motion, 2004 - Animator, motion graphics artist, photographer and filmmaker Daniel Crooks' work as been exhibited both locally and internationally including the Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), and ZKM (Germany), and has also received numerous film awards including the City of Stuttgart Prize for Animation, and a Dendy Australian Short Film Award at the 1996 Sydney International Film Festival. Tracing the ebbs and flows of the city, On Perspective and Motion uses Crooks unique self-devised technologies to 'slice' time in order to create a new perception of urban space.

Sascha Ettinger-Epstein, Musclebound, 2004 - Sascha Ettinger-Epstein's film and video works combine intimate inquiries into marginal cultures with a striking visual approach, with her most recent documentary, Painting With Light in a Dark World, winning an AFI award and screening in festivals worldwide. Her latest film, Musclebound, turns the camera on the mania, obsession and unbridled narcissism of the body builder.

Marcus Lyall, Slow Service, 2003 - Shot on a high-tech, ultra slow motion digital camera normally used for industrial purposes such as crash-test dummy demonstrations, Slow Service introduces a new element to the gallery experience: the food fight. Be amazed by the slow moving swaths of pumpkin soup, dollops of pea mash and the apocalyptic cloud of white flour which land on Lyall's hapless subjects unable to avoid the imminent crash. A director with Melbourne production company Great Southern Films, Lyall's multi-screen works have been used as part of stadium concert tours by U2, Oasis and the Rolling Stones.


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