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focus on gus van sant

Thursday 21 - Friday 29 February 2008 

Lyrical, wry and formally elegant, the hypnotic films of Gus Van Sant explore the search for love, connection and a place to call home. In a long awaited retrospective season, ACMI acknowledges the work of this celebrated filmmaker with Focus On Gus Van Sant -  a collection of his key films that have helped make him become one of this generation's most talked about directors, kicking off with the Australian premiere of his new film, Paranoid Park.
Through his early works, including his ultra low budget 1986 debut feature Mala Noche, which garnered him instant acclaim on the festival circuit, indie hit Drugstore Cowboy and cult classic My Own Private Idaho, Van Sant's poetic excursions through America's disenfranchised social underbelly resulted in some of the more compelling independent films of the late 1980s and 90s.
Themes of outsiders struggling to connect to the mainstream lapped over into his venture into mainstream productions, with 1997's Good Will Hunting and 2000s Finding Forrester proving to be both a commercial and critical success.
More recently, films such as the existential Gerry and 2003's poised and unnerving Elephant have seen Van Sant return to the independent, edgier realms that first earned him the attention of critics and filmgoers alike. 
Van Sant's latest work, the 2007 Cannes Film Festival 60th Anniversary Prize winning Paranoid Park, pushes the unconventional style he has developed in recent works to new levels. Featuring a cast of non-professional teens, cinematography by Chris Doyle, a distinctive score and an intentionally oblique narrative, Paranoid Park is a tale that is told with "bold style and quiet integrity" - Empire.

ACMI is proud to present the Australian premiere of Paranoid Park, Thursday 21 February, 7pm.

Special media preview screening Tuesday 29 January, 7pm. Details below.

Focus On Gus Van Sant will tour nationally following ACMI's February season

# Sydney: February 29 - March 4
# Brisbane: March 6 - March 9
# Canberra: March 7 - March 12

Paranoid Park opens in cinemas on 6 March in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and 13 March in Canberra. Distributed by Madman Cinema.


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