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Developer: Ankama Studio, 2005, France
IGF Award: Winner, Audience Award

image from dofus
Dofus. Image: 2003-2006©Ankama Studio. All rights reserved
A tactical, flash-based MMORPG that supports an offbeat, humorous and lively online community.

With bright manga-style graphics, DOFUS lets players choose from a range of cute, diverse characters with an array of options: fight in melees, buy houses, complete quests, get married or bring criminals to justice.

Different character classes allow different player styles and character development. By using turn-based battles that require thought and planning, players are rewarded for their shrewd tactics and strategy rather than brute strength.

developer's statement
We created DOFUS because we felt that MMORPG were all quite the same and lacked originality.They were always in 3D, always had a Hack'n'Slash gameplay, a dark atmosphere, and most of the time, a strict, heroic fantasy scenario. We wanted to stand out and offer a different concept. To our greatest joy, DOFUS quickly seduced players who talked about it in their circles, making the community grow by simple word of mouth. Now we have the growing responsibility of keeping all these people satisfied, and that's why we're always adding new features to the game.

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