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Developer: Number None Inc., USA
IGF Award: Winner, Innovation in Game Design

image from braid
Braid. Image: Number None Inc.

A time twisting puzzler that gets under the hood of platformers.

Clever programming allows the player to manipulate the flow of time in the game. As they travel through different worlds, time behaves differently. Unlimited 'rewind' in the game lets the player explore alternate approaches and differing causes and effects. 

The new kinds of puzzles based on time manipulation that Braid sets up, using intelligent gameplay, redefines the platform genre.

developer's statement
Braid gives players the ability to rewind the gameplay to undo their mistakes. Unlike some previous games, this ability is unlimited. Platformers have historically been a mixture of action and puzzles; with unlimited rewind, difficult action sequences are no longer interesting, since the player can easily pass them by flailing. Thus we focus on puzzles. In each world, different rules govern the way your rewind ability changes the flow of time. In solving the puzzles, the player explores the consequences of these different possible behaviours of time. 

We hope for the player to have a mind-expanding experience, visualising cause and effect in new ways.

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