thank god he met lizzie

Cherie Nowlan, 91 mins, Australia, 1997, 35mm. Courtesy: Dendy Films

image from thank god he met lizzie
Thank God He Met Lizzie
Based on Alexandra Long's witty and keenly observant script, Cherie Nowlan's feature debut chronicles the romantic exploits of sensitive, new age Guy (Richard Roxburgh), who is on the prowl for the perfect woman.

As his wedding day looms, he is torn between his new love, the charming, pragmatic and upper class Lizzie (Cate Blanchett), and his ex-girlfriend; the exuberant and unpredictable Jenny (Frances O'Connor).

This insightful and sardonic take on what happens when we get what we think we want plays out with an off-beat energy and great sense of fun.

Dates   Sat 9 Dec 2006, 2pm
No Longer Available
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