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Fitzroy Shorts presents The Fitz Best Short Film Awards 2007: the culmination of a year's worth of screenings. 

The ten best short films for 2007 will be screened and the Grand Jury Prize and Special Mention from the Director awarded to cap off a wonderful year of short films.

Jury members for 2007 include Ralph McClean (Yarts TV, Channel 31), Fiona Gruber ( Host, The Opening, PBS), Richard Sowada (Head of Film Programs, ACMI) and comedian and superstar dancer Corrine Grant.

Paper and Sand
16mins 2005 AUS
Genre: Drama
Dir: Sotiris Dounoukis  Prod: Matt Rubenstein/Ian Kennedy Williams

10 mins 2006 AUS
Genre: Narrative/Comedy
Dir: James Findlay  Prod: Natasha Gray

Booth Story
11mins 2007 AUS
Genre: Narrative/Comedy
Dir/Prod: Edwin McGill Kasimir Burgess

An Imaginary Life
5mins 2007 AUS
Genre: Animation/Comedy
Dir/Anim: Steve Baker

20 mins 2006  AUS
Genre: Drama
Dir: Beth Armstrong  Prod: Luke Eve

9 mins 2006 AUS
Genre: Animation
Wri/Anim: Michael Cusack  Prod: Richard Chataway

Small Boxes
15 mins 2006 AUS
Genre: Drama
Dir: Rene Hernandez  Prod: Kristina Ceyton

9 mins Singapore 2005
Genre: Experimental
Dir: Royston Tan

14mins  2006 AUS
Dir: David Michôd  Prods: Polly Staniford & Angie Fielder

8mins 2006 AUS
Genre: Drama/Experimental
Dir Ari Kleiman  Prods Sarah Cynger/Ari Kleiman/Ben Gilovitz/David Rusanow

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Dates   Sat 1 Dec 2007, 7pm
No Longer Available
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