Friday, 25 February 2005

meet uk animation maestros shynola at acmi!

Popcorn Taxi and ACMI present an opportunity to meet and see the works of Gideon Baws, Chris Harding, Richard Kenworthy and Jason Groves, the award-winning illustrators and animators of Shynola.

One of the UK's most high profile producers of animated music videos and promos, Shynola's work is well-known to regular watchers of Channel V, MTV and Video Hits.

Characterised by their innovative style and loopy sense of humour, a special rarities program of Shynola's work recently screened at ACMI cinemas in December 2004 as part of international travelling film festival RESFEST.

In the past six years Shynola have made many short films, adverts (Playstation2, 2001; Nike/Footlocker, 2002), title sequences and promos.

Among their best known works are their famous "blipverts", digital micro-movies, for Radiohead's Kid A campaign, Junior Senior's Move your Feet with its cheesy Atari-like characters, Quannums I Changed My Mind as well as videos for UNKLE, Queens of the Stone Age, Athlete and Lambchop.

They are currently putting the finishing touches on the CGI effects for the Hammer and Tongs feature film, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (to be released mid 2005)

Presented with the Adelaide Film Festival. Special thanks to Adelaide International Film Festival and the British Council for bringing Shynola to Australia.

Shynola Biography:

They studied illustration and film at college in Maidstone, Kent, during which time they collaborated to make paintings, books, comics, illustrations, music and poetry. In 1996, they organised a show of work with friends from college at a London gallery, and the show was called "Shinola".

After graduating they moved to London, where Kenny and Jason both did MA's at the R.C.A. Gideon, meanwhile, worked as a freelance Illustrator and Chris worked as a CG animator for a company in Soho. During this time, they collaborated on a few TV sequences, magazine illustrations, and Kenny's graduate film, The Littlest Robo.

A letter and showreel, sent to MoWax, resulted in a short sequence set to the UNKLE track "Gun's Blazing". Based on the designs of Ben Drury and Futura 2000. It was used as an acceptance speech by James Lavelle for the NME BRAT AWARDS 1999, and in UNKLE's live show, incorporated into visuals by the Light Surgeons.

Following Kenny's graduation, he signed up as a director at Studio AKA and Oil Factory. When Jason graduated the following year, Shynola was signed as a collective at both Studio AKA and Oil Factory. Everyone quit their day jobs, and Shynola became a full time occupation.


McLaren Animation Award (2004) Blur 'Goodsong', CAD Awards (2004) Best Animation in a Music Video, D&AD Awards (2004) Best Animation, British Animation Awards (2004) Best Music Video Blur "Goodsong", MTV VMA Award (2003) Best Special Effects in a Video. Queens of the Stone Age "Go With The Flow", CAD Award (2003): Best Director, LEAF Award (2002): Best Pop Promo UNKLE "Eye 4 An Eye", NME Brat Award (2002): Best Video Radiohead "Pyramid Song", CAD Award (2001): Best Alternative Video Morgan"Flying High", LEAF Award (2000): Best Computer Animated Advert "Nat West Fishing Line.", BBC2 Awards (2000): Best Music Video. Quannum "I Changed My Mind", MPVA Awards (2000): Best Video For Under $25,000. Quannum "I Changed My Mind", Ottowa International Animation Festival (1999). Best Computer Animation. "The Littlest Robo", and many more.

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