two-day intensive seminar for writers and producers with pamela wallace and kathie fong yoneda

pamela wallace with oscar
kathie fong yoneda

'Kathie lights a fire under you and then walks you through it.' Jeff Arch, Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Sleepless in Seattle

For the first time in Australia, Popcorn Taxi Events presents an intensive two-day seminar that gives both writers and producers an inspiring guide to successful screenwriting. Looking at the craft from both buyer's (Yoneda) and seller's (Wallace) points of view, this dynamic-duo teach more than just the principles of screenwriting and script selling; they draw from years of hands-on experience developing, writing and producing successful scripts. Topics covered include: the basics of screenwriting, classic traps for scriptwriters, adapting books to film, marketing and selling your script, and how to give a home-run pitch.

Dates   Saturday 22 May 2004, 9am - 5.30pm
& Sunday 23 May 2004, 9am - 5.30pm
Admission   Industry Seminar Rate $395 (including GST)
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