children of the revolution

Peter Duncan, 101 mins, Australia, 1996, 35mm Courtesy: NFSA & Tristram Miall Films

image from children of the revolution
Children of the Revolution
Writer/Director Peter Duncan's audacious comedy plumbs the depths of diehard communism, telling the story of Australian comrade Joan Fraser (Judy Davis) who idolises Stalin.

When Joan eventually meets the great man after much devoted correspondence, she sleeps with him on the last night of his life, and nine months later, bears a son called - of course - Joe (Richard Roxburgh), who grows up into an agitator worthy of his lineage.

Duncan's stylish handling of decor, dialogue, narrative ellipsis, and pacing is equally impressive. Every frame of Children of the Revolution is informed by the obvious affection in which Duncan holds his characters, and he draws upon the expert services of his stellar cast (Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill & Rachel Griffiths) to great effect.

Dates   Sat 21 Jan 2006, 2pm
Admission   All Tickets $8
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