Thursday, 28 November 2002

let's get physical

Closer uses highly sophisticated interactive technologies including real time video and specially developed sensor pads. The creators of Closer, Gideon Obarzanek (Choreography), Peter Hennessey (Interactive and Visual Design), Cordelia Beresford (Cinematography) and Darrin Verhagen (Audio Landscape) will transform ACMI's project space, Studio, into a choreographic instrument, to be played by participating visitors. A constantly changing audiovisual environment with a single large projection of a solo dancer, Closer reorients the relationship between the audience and performer by offering the audience the chance to 'choreograph' the work.

Closer requires the audience to participate physically - to touch, throw or press their bodies against torso-size, floor and wall mounted sensor pads that activate the moves of the on-screen dancer. In Closer, the audience's experience of dance, usually felt from the passive distance of theatre seats, is active and intimate.

Originally conceived as an investigative tool, Closer encourages participants to manipulate and explore the structure and topography of the on-screen dancer's movement. The work literally brings the audience closer to the work in every sense - closer to its creation, closer to the subtle details of its movement and closer to the body of its dancer.

As participants engage with Closer, they become increasingly aware of the reflective relationship they share with the dancer. Their interaction, often via large physical actions or movements, is very different from the 'mouse and keyboard' interface that sometimes defines multimedia installations. They literally impact on - and shape the work.

The choreography in Closer is itself based on impacts. A lone dancer - Nicole Johnston - bounces her body against a wall and, as the audience's input increases, this gentle motion is transformed into something far more intense and extraordinary. The minute complexities of the body - the ripple and flex of skin and muscles, hair, pores and subtle expression - form part of the choreographic palette of Closer. This is micro-choreography. This is Closer.

Exhibition dates:
6 December 2002 - 27 January 2002
Exhibition hours:
10.00am - 6.00pm Monday - Sunday
Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Flinders Street
Entry is FREE

Further information

Claire Butler
Communications Coordinator
[direct phone] 61 3 8663 2415 [fax] 61 3 8663 2498 [mobile] 0434 603 654
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