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opera slinger

Developer: The Treblemakers, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, United States, 2006
IGF Award: Student Showcase Selection

image from opera slinger
Opera Slinger. 'The Treblemakers' game design team

Combining classic elements of action platformers with voice interactivity, Opera Slinger is an interesting experiment in gameplay using sound and performance.

The game is also unconventional in its use of a high art form in a gaming format.

To play you need to sing in competition with an evil Wagnerian nemesis.

Developer's statement
A student project, Opera Slinger was created to showcase our talents and abilities, as well as to give us much-needed experience in the game development process.

That, and we just couldn't resist its zany rock/opera atmosphere.

Opera Slinger was originally conceived as an action-adventure in which the player would activate attacks and abilities with their voice. Over time, through design iteration, it morphed into the platforming/singing game you see today!

After a few months of pre-production and prototyping, this final build was created primarily over the course of three months by a team of ten students.

About the developer
The Treblemakers are a team of ten students based out of the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy located in Orlando, Florida, in the US. They come from a diverse background of skills and educations, ranging from psychology graduates to experienced graphic artists.

Opera Slinger is their first project, comprising their Master's thesis for school. Each member of The Treblemakers is currently searching for a career (or already employed!) in the gaming industry, following their graduation and the success of Opera Slinger.

Krystel Guiloff: Producer
Matthew Laurence: Producer
Devon Sullivan: Producer
Ryan Willis: Producer
James Moore: Lead Artist
Ed Tiger: Artist
Jennie Gritton: Lead Programmer
Giovanni Acosta: Programmer
Paul Dutta: Programmer
Gabriel Montagne: Programmer
Stella Sung: Music
Johnathon Friskics: Sound
Chase Padgett: Voice Actor (Forte)
Meggin Weaver: Voice Actor (Aria)

Platform developed for: Windows XP
Development time: 6 Months