re spawn - games to art a presentation by artist and independent game-developer brody condon

image from waco resurrection
Image:  Waco Resurrection

Artist and independent game developer Brody Condon hacks existing games and generates new projects that challenge the culture of games and highlights their potential as sites for cultural investigation. His works Adam Killer and China Town explore the nature of game violence and the occupation of constructed environments. Velvet Strike, created with collaborators Anne-Marie Schleiner and Joane Leandre is a game intervention that allows you to graffiti peace and anti war messages inside the online multishooter CounterStike, whilst Waco Resurrection (a project by the innovative Game Lab C-Level, of which Brody is a member) creates a game where you play out the final days of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians at Waco.

Games, according to Brody, offer the artist an immediately accessible tool for cultural criticism and have a ready method of dissemination - the Internet. Working by using the reverse engineering and exploitation of 3D game development technology, Brody attempts to locate or fabricate situations and visual works where computer games and game culture leak outside of the box and into our lived experience. 

Brody will present and discuss his work using games technologies and games aesthetics. He will also present other work by the independent Game Lab C-Level.

image from waco resurrection
Image: Waco Resurrection

Waco Resurrection is a new game where four players assume the role of cult leader David Koresh in a virtual recreation of his Texas compound where more than three dozen people were killed in a confrontation with federal agents. Waco Resurrection is the first in a proposed series of games about ideologues - the Endgames.

The Endgames series incorporates elements of subjective documentary and speculative fiction with new interactive technologies to create a visceral gaming experience focused on extreme psychosocial phenomena. The series hopes to present both player and viewer with immersive apocalyptic experiences that prompt reconsideration of the phenomenal possibilities inherent in ideological conflict.

To view Brody's work visit:

Dates   Monday 24 May 2004, 7pm
Admission   Full $10 Concession $8
Presented in association with Next Wave Festival
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