velvet goldmine

MA 15+
Todd Haynes, 123 mins, UK/USA, 1998, 35mm. Courtesy: Pathe UK & Deluxe

image from velvet goldmine
Velvet Goldmine
Todd Haynes' story of the life, death and resurrection of glam-rock idol Brian Slade is a swooningly sexy tribute to the rude boys in mascara and heels who detonated the musical and sexual explosion of seventies.

The characters throw themselves into the makeup, clothes, drugs, blazing music and bi-sex with a dynamism that is never less than mesmerising. 

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, capturing the essence of Bowie glitter, plays Brian Slade, and Ewan McGregor stars as the swaggerering Curt Wild. Features a stellar supporting cast including Christian Bale, Toni Colette and Eddie Izzard.

Winner of the Award for Best Artistic Contribution (Todd Haynes) at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival; nominated for the Golden Palm.

Dates   Fri 20 Oct 2006, 9.30pm
Sat 28 Oct 2006, 7.30pm
No Longer Available
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