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kabul kaboom

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artist(s): Gonzalo Frasca
country of origin: USA (2001)
technology: Shockwave

WARNING Please be aware that particular Games Lab works may disturb some visitors. Kabul Kaboom includes low level animated violence. Opinions expressed in all games are those of the artist/s

This anti-war game is modeled on the classic arcade format of Space Invaders. Feed the mother and child (figures sampled from Picasso's famous anti-war painting Guernica) with American aid that takes the form of falling hamburgers. And do it while avoiding the American missiles. Impossible to win, Kabul Kaboom embodies the lose-lose situation of civilians in modern warfare.

artist statement
'I was on a plane on September 11th, 2001. A few months later, I needed to do a US coast-to-coast flight. I decided to do an experiment: writing a game about the current events (the war in Afghanistan) while flying. The result was Kabul Kaboom, a reflection on the so-called "humanitarian war", where American troops were bombing the Afghans with both food supplies and missiles. Later that night I posted the game on my blog and forgot about it. A few days later, to my surprise, it was being played by thousands of persons. It was my first newsgame.' Gonzalo Frasca

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