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ACMI Projects
A project produced under the Australian Film Commission and ABC New Media & Digital Services' Documentary Online initiative, with support from ACMI and the Uniting Church in Australia. Homeless is a multimedia documentary offering insight into the different experiences of six homeless people in Tokyo, Jakarta, Sydney, New Delhi, New York and London, capturing each person's life for one 24-hour period.
Paml Pilot Project explored legal, technical and industry practice issues in the production and distribution of performing arts in the digital environment. The site presents guidelines based on the findings and experiences of the project.
The Rowville Lysterfield History Project (supported by Cinemedia - now ACMI), brings together photos, stories, audio, interviews and a forum providing an interesting history of the suburbs of Rowville and Lysterfield in Melbourne, Australia and their local communities.

Huge London-based database of websites searchable by categories and cross-referenced: agencies, arts festivals, education, creative design, entertainment, portals and zines, promotional, resources.

Atom Queensland - this site has many items of interest for media educators for both primary and secondary. It also has an excellent web links section.
Centre for Media Literacy Enhance (USA) provides resources, news and ideas for media education. There is a good library of articles online.
Multimedia Maps Project - explored the possibilities for using new technologies in the classroom for creativity and exchange.
SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques. ACMI hosted their annual conference in February 2003.

Melbourne Fringe Festival is a key Australian arts organisation committed to encouraging and developing innovative, independent and experimental art.
The Noise Festival will profile young creative Australians and their works right across the media (radio, TV, in print and online) this October. Check out the website to find out how to expose your music, design, zines, pictures, films and more.
This Is Not Art is Australia's largest annual gathering of musicians, artists, media activists, writers, students and creative types. Held in the first week of October in Newcastle, NSW, This Is Not Art encompasses The National Young Writer's Festival, Electrofringe (new media and digital arts), The National Student Media Conference, Sound Summit (electronic music and hip-hop), Radioactive (independent radio), The New Media: Critical approaches Conference, and the Oceania Indymedia

Galleries & Museums
American Museum of the Moving Image General information plus a collection of online exhibitions, including in-depth interviews with leading creators in the fields of film, television and digital media, and six interactive animated tutorials that explain the science and technology of the moving image.
Guggenheim New York features an online collection that currently represents 169 artists, spanning from the Guggenheim's earliest works to recent acquisitions. Each work can be viewed at various resolutions and is accompanied by insightful comments, scholarly and contextual information, and definitions of art terms and concepts.
Institute of Contemporary Arts includes examples of web-based art that have been commissioned, supported and recommended by the institute.
Paris' Louvre Museum: take a virtual tour on the official website. 
Montevideo time based arts - the Netherlands Media Art Institute website contains a fascinating online catalogue of current and previous exhibitions in the area of time based art. Museum of Modern Art SF Museum of Modern Art The Tate Walker Arts Centre Whitney Museum of American Art top

New Media : Art & Design
Melbourne's media arts organisation dedicated to promoting contemporary media art through a vibrant program of exhibitions, tours, screenings, and artist commissions. Founded in 1986, Experimenta Media Arts fosters the creative uses of technology.
Art as experiment, art as experience. Broadband online exhibition from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Australian infront: a collaborative project space and launch pad to Australia's best online designers, artists, companies and other design related websites.
DesignisKinky: A hub for the web design community - news, links to designer's sites.
The Flight of Ducks is a pioneering Australian online documentary spanning more than 65 years. Part history, part novel, part data-base, part postcard, part diary, part museum, part pilot, part poem, part conversation, part shed.
The low-fi net art locator is a project to increase visibility of art projects which use the internet as a medium and to promote development of net based art.
Neomu is a miniature publication of cutting edge, fun and quirky graphic designs, photography and illustration. Online you can view examples from neomu animated in Flash.
Art + music + wordstop. A creative 'home' for people interested in and passionate about art, music, film, writing, etc.
This organisation runs an international network of events in the new media design field, including the largest dedicated digital film festival in the world.
A non-profit organisation founded in 1996 to provide an online platform for the new media art community. Core activities include commissions, email discussions and publications, the website, and events. For artists, curators, writers, designers, programmers, students and educators.
SARAI is 'a space for research, practice and conversation about the contemporary media and urban constellations'. Located in Delhi, India, it is the first new media initiative and centre in South Asia. The website features The Reader, an annual journal, and various sources of information on events and lists associated with SARAI.
Surfstation is a website dedicated to online creativity, from design-related job listings, to sample logos, fonts, and links to anything that's cutting edge, interesting and inspiring in the world of web design. photography
USA based, interactive (you can submit your own photographs); a beautiful public art project, submit your own photos and be seen.

New Media : Social Politics
All you ever wanted to know about culture jamming from the original jammers. They have recently launched an Australian version at
A community website for mediamakers, educators, librarians, non-profit organisations and activists to help them use documentaries to encourage action and inspire dialogue on contemporary social issues.
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