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scavenger hunt

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IGF Award: Student Showcase Winner

developer: DigiPen Institute of Technology
country of origin: USA
year: 2004


A quirky multiplayer arcade-style treasure hunt. Race to find items, trick or treat for power-ups, and play gags on other players. The game transports traditional first person shooter controls and mechanics into a non-violent, fun-for-all scavenger hunt that mimics real-life, and then adds a couple of bonuses. These include tricks, which lets the player swap places with another player, and treats, such as being granted immunity from gags played by other players.

The multiplayer option builds a sense of community and heightens the fun, adding another dimension to an already in-depth and satisfying game experience.

developer's statement
Scavenger Hunt was a Senior project at DigiPen Institute of Technology. The team of 9 students was inspired to make a simple, non-violent 3D game that everyone could play, one that combined the excitement and technological expertise of a FPS but was safe for all ages to experience. By setting the game in the 1950s and allowing you to compete against a group of your friends in a scavenger style race, the team was able to achieve all their goals and create a showpiece for their portfolios.

developer bios & credits

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