Saturday, 1 July 2006

awesome; i f**kin' shot that!

One night in New York at a sold-out Beastie Boys concert, 50 hard-core fans were all given their own video cameras - the result? A concert movie like no other!

Popcorn Taxi & ACMI are proud to present:

Awesome; I F**Kin' Shot That!

Exclusive Melbourne Preview Screening + Video Interview with Director Nathaniel Hornblower (Aka Beastie Boys MCA Adam Yauch).

Popcorn Taxi presents an exclusive preview screening of the revolutionary Beastie Boys film, Awesome; I F**king Shot That!  and a one-off post screening interview about the making of the film, with Director and The Beastie Boys MCA, Adam Yauch (aka 'Nathaniel Hornblower'), recorded in New York especially by Popcorn Taxi for this event only.

Awesome; I F**king Shot That! is a docu-concert experience where the Beastie Boys randomly handed out 50 video cameras to the audience, who shot the sold-out performance at New York's Madison Square Garden, capturing it from their own unique perspectives.

The 50 shooters were selected according to the locations of their seats. Once chosen, they were given cameras and simple instructions - start recording when the Beastie Boys hit the stage, and don't stop until it's all over. They faithfully follow these rules, with one joker documenting his trip to the bathroom, while others use their special 'access all areas' privileges to sneak backstage. The cameras handed out were simple hi-8 cameras, delivering grainy and at times shaky imagery bouncing to the beats, stylistically this is the 'Blair Witch' of concert films. Ultimately it is the rawness of the footage that helps make the film a success.
Awesome; I F**king Shot That! premiered at this year's Sundance Festival and features Mike D (Michael Diamond), Adrock (Adam Horovitz), and MCA (Adam Yauch) as the Beastie Boys; along with special appearances by Mixmaster Mike, Keyboard Money Mark, Alfredo Ortiz, and Doug E. Fresh. The result is a movie that pumps, jumps, swirls and twists to an avalanche of sounds and captures the Beasties at their rappin' chicken-walkin' best!

The Beastie Boys have been breaking rules since their rise to fame in the mid-1980s, defining their image with a distinct rap/hip-hop sound, backed by groundbreaking music videos. Directed by Beastie Boy MCA Adam Yauch, under the pseudonym 'Nathaniel Hornblower', Awesome... is an experiment in handing over 'power to the people', reinventing the concert film like none before it.

 "The rhythm of the images is as motivating as the thumping music.The sense of immediacy and excitement is contagious" Variety, 2006.

Popcorn Taxi would like to thank filmmaker Michael L Condran and Hopscotch Entertainment for their generous support in making this program possible.

Event Details:
Awesome; I F**Kin' Shot That!
Tuesday 11 July,
Tickets: $15 / $13;
Bookings & further information: or 03 8663 2583

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