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Machinima is based on the discovery that video games can be used for making short films. It is a phenomenon of player producer culture rather than an arena of professional filmmaking. Created in-games, primarily for gamer audiences, most machinima are resplendent with gags and references based upon their source games and the player culture that surrounds them.

This selection of work documents some seminal moments in Machinima and its evolution from simple 'speed runs' to cultural comment. It includes the brilliant scriptwriting of Red vs. Blue, which transformed a favorite game into an hilarious soap opera about two hapless armies; to Anna, the poetic journey of a flower; to The French Democracy, one citizens raw commentary on the recent suburban riots in France.

thumbnail from apartment huntin'
Apartment Huntin'
thumbnail from hardly workin'
Hardly Workin'
thumbnail from in the waiting line
In the Waiting Line
thumbnail from owned
thumbnail from red vs. blue
Red vs. Blue
thumbnail from anna
thumbnail from peacemaker
thumbnail from the awakening
The Awakening (Episode 1)
thumbnail from game: on
Game: On
thumbnail from this spartan life
This Spartan Life
thumbnail from person2184
Person 2184
thumbnail from the french democracy
The French Democracy


Nothing but Red


Diary of a Camper

Paul Marino is an executive director of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, the director of the Machinima Film Festival and author of 3D Game-based Filmmaking: The Art of Machinima.

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