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IGF Award: Student Showcase Winner

developer: The Multimedia Innovation Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
country of origin: Hong Kong
year: 2004


Hilarious 3D PC game that allows the player to be the 'lord of the soccer match' in a surreal world of hysterical players, bribery and emotional crowds. Shifting the typical focus of most sports games from player to referee, the game offers players the chance to step into the role of a crucial, yet often uncontrollable, component necessary to all sports - both online and off. The game includes challenges both on and off the field - such as player/crowd reactions to decisions, and the referee's reputation - in a perceptive reflection upon the political and social reality of real-world sports.

developer's statement
In a sports game, audiences generally concentrate on the players. In this game, we wanted to shift the focus to the referee instead. By acting as the referee in the game, the player can experience the competition through another angle. Is having such 'god-like power' in the stadium a pleasure or a pressure?

developer bios & credits

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