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seniors' cinema archive 2006

Seniors' Cinema screens in ACMI's comfort-enhanced cinemas at Federation Square and offers an ongoing program of quality films for discerning audiences.

The program for 2006 includes more of the comprehensive range of films that audiences have come to expect from Seniors' Cinema, drawing on the best of Australian and international cinema.

Screenings feature well-crafted, character-driven stories, elegant period dramas, quirky comedies and fascinating documentaries.

See individual films for special Film Bubs sessions.

Tickets for Seniors (55+) $5
Parents/Grandparents with babies (Tuesday Film Bubs only) $5
All other tickets $10

past screenings

merry christmas (joyeux noel)

 "Deeply moving and uplifting.a touching depiction of an extraordinary act" The Hollywood Reporter

thumbnail from wah wah

wah wah

Consummate actor and raconteur Richard E. Grant applies a ruthless candour and lacerating wit to his impressive directorial debut.

thumbnail from jindabyne


Based on a Raymond Carver short story, Lawrence's slow-burn mystery drama relocates the action to an Australian locale.

thumbnail from beyond the sea

beyond the sea

Kevin Spacey wrote, directed and stars in this brilliantly staged musical biopic that traces the life and musical times of 1950s crooner Bobby Darin.

thumbnail from separate lies

separate lies

The compelling mystery drama from the Oscar-winning writer of Gosford Park.

thumbnail from march of the penguins

march of the penguins

Each winter in Antarctica, thousands of emperor penguins embark on a journey to assure the survival of their species.

thumbnail from capote


When society darling Truman Capote reads about the violent murders of a family in Kansas, his curiosity is piqued.

the proposition

Set at the end of the bushranger era, the epic Australian story concerns family, loyalty and betrayal.

paradise now

Khaled and Said are scratching out a living in the West Bank town of Nablus when they are recruited for a suicide mission in Tel Aviv.

thumbnail from keeping mum

keeping mum

Rowan Atkinson is the well-meaning vicar, so preoccupied with sermons that he is oblivious to his wife's dalliance with her brash golf instructor.

thumbnail from good night, and good luck

good night, and good luck

Directed, co-written and co-starred by George Clooney, Good Night, and Good Luck plays like a tightly paced thriller.

thumbnail from walk the line

walk the line

Pheonix and Witherspoon's on screen chemistry and dramatic flair is pitch perfect in every scene.

thumbnail from in search of mozart

in search of mozart

Don't miss this authoritative depiction of the life of the most famous child protégé of all.

thumbnail from the constant gardener

the constant gardner

Adapted from the novel by John Le Carre', this taut thriller is also a surprisingly tender love story starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz.

thumbnail from the miracle of bern

the miracle of bern

Former footballer Sonke Wortman invests great energy and spirit in his thrilling account of West Germany's real-life victory in the 1954 World Cup.

look at me

Jaoui and co-writer and lead actor, Jean-Pierre Bacri focus their satirical eye on the hypocrisies and egocentricities of the French literati.

thumbnail from a common thread

a common thread (brodeuses)

"Remarkable in the confidence and maturity of its execution, Faucher's assured first feature brings extraordinary pleasure." Toronto Film Festival

thumbnail from vera drake

vera drake

Winner of the BAFTA for Best Direction, Mike Leigh's film is a meticulously crafted and deeply affecting drama.

thumbnail from the heart of me

the heart of me

This elegant screen adaptation skillfully illuminates themes of passion and repression behind closed doors of 1930s and 1940s high society in London.

thumbnail from mondovino


Nossiter travels the globe coaxing interviews out of major players in the wine industry, in the surrounds of their chateaux, vineyards and estates.

the oyster farmer

Writer/Director Reeves brings together a very fine cast of talent, including David Field, Kerry Armstrong and Jack Thompson.

thumbnail from yesterday


The Oscar-nominated Best Foreign Language Film from South Africa. "an eloquent, unsentimental film.a story of courage, compassion and hope" Mandela

thumbnail from beethoven's hair

beethoven's hair

A fascinating mystery tour about passionate collectors, sublime symphonies and modern science - CSI Beethoven!

image from look both ways

look both ways

The accomplished debut feature by Sarah Watt, starring William McInnes and Justine Clarke. Won AFI Awards for Best Direction and Best Film.

image from deep blue

deep blue

The natural wonders of the ocean captured in an amazing cinematic experience. "majestic.jaw-dropping" Variety