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IGF Award: Student Showcase Winner

developer: University of Southern California
country of origin: USA
year: 2004


Collaboration is essential in this ethereal two-player puzzle game in which players move through parallel worlds and sync their actions to defeat a multitude of enemies, avoid traps and solve puzzles. Each player's world is infused with elements of the other player's world. The game offers a type of playing paradigm that is uncommon, exploring the dynamic of players who must work closely together to advance, rather than be in competition with each other. In Dyadin, each player's fate is linked to how effectively they co-operate with the other.

developer's statement
Dyadin came from the original premise of a cooperative game set in two completely different worlds.  I am always somewhat surprised when people expect a head-to-head competitive game. Since both players must help each other reach the goal in Dyadin; competition is not only detrimental, it doesn't even make sense. We found Dyadin to be very popular among couples, and they often revealed interesting dynamics about themselves.

The fact that we could develop the game independently meant that as a team we could try interesting ideas, as well as find tremendous energy and motivation to work on a project we could call our own.

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