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dodge that anvil!

Developer: Rabidlab, 2006, USA
IGF Award: Winner prize

Dodge That Anvil! Image: Rabidlab
It's raining anvils, and only one rabbit is brave enough to harvest the carrots in this quirky web game.

Dodge That Anvil combines easy mouse controls with a 3D, cartoon environment, creating a fun and absurdist game that appeals to all.

Beginning as a physics experiment using Macromedia Director, the game adds a novel 'autojump' feature and comical sound effects and theme music to highlight the playful characters, objectives and world.

developer's statement
The simple gameplay of Dodge That Anvil! evolved very naturally, and I made a determined effort to extend that elegance to the game interface as well.  The game can be controlled by keyboard, gamepad, or even mouse input. I believe that this flexibility makes the experience accessible to casual players, yet is still appealing for more experienced gamers. This idea of bridging the gap between casual and veteran game players is central to the Rabidlab approach to game design.

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