kids' flicks archive 2008

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son of rambow

Written and directed by the duo behind the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this is a tale of a lonely child with an artistic itch.

egon & dönci

Explore the wonder of space in this new animated film from Hungary.

animated kids' christmas classics 2008

Celebrate the joy of Christmas with two all-time favourites, The Snowman and Mickey's Christmas Carol.

animated kids' classics > the mole - collection 1

Discover the world of the little Mole and all his friends in these beautiful animations by Czechoslovakian animator Zdenek Miler.

the muppet christmas carol

Michael Caine stars in this re-telling of the Charles Dickens tale.

the sasquatch dumpling gang

A trio of fantasy-obsessed, sword fighting geeks attempt to prove that the giant tracks they discovered deep in the forest belong to Bigfoot.

e.t. the extra-terrestrial

The biggest film of its time, Spielberg's beloved sci-fi adventure about an alien botanist stranded on Earth remains a favourite for young and old.

abra cadabra

Jacki Weaver and John Farnham are two voices behind this rarely-seen animated feature that takes as its starting point the story of the Pied Piper.

blue fire lady

Fans of The Saddle Club will love this tale of a young girl who pursues her ambitions to become a show jumper despite her father's reluctance.

a plumm summer

An idyllic small town is torn apart when TV puppet 'Froggy Doo' is kidnapped, and brothers Elliott and Rocky Plumm must turn sleuth to save him.

animated kids' classics spring 2008 > the wind in the willows

Spring has sprung, and to celebrate, ACMI brings you the definitive screen version of Kenneth Grahame's much-loved children's tale.

high school musical 2

School's out for summer but the music doesn't stop! This time, the Lava Springs Country Club is the backdrop for our favourite high school hoofers.

sing-a-long mary poppins

Sing your hearts out in our day of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fun!

high school musical

A basketballer and a brainiac turn more than heads when they try out for the school musical, in this all-singing, all-dancing smash hit.


Sarah lives in a dreamworld of magic and legend, and when she teasingly wishes that goblins would take her brother away, her wish comes true!


Set in New York City during the Great Depression, Annie is the story of a spirited orphan who hopes to one day be reunited with her parents.

the muppets take manhattan

The Muppets travel to New York in the hope of getting their musical on Broadway, only to find it a more difficult task than they anticipated.

edward scissorhands

Tim Burton's cult classic tells the story of a gentle soul, who happens to have scissors for hands.

31 minutes, the movie

The producer of news show 31 Minutes is captured by an evil animal collector. Can the TV station's wacky gang save him? A puppet movie like no other.

animated kid's classics winter 2008

Monsters of all shapes and sizes will be taking over ACMI these school holidays!

pokémon: lucario and the mystery of mew

Traditional Pokémon animation blends with state-of-the-art computer generated effects in the eighth instalment of the popular anime series.

the magic roundabout

Based on the classic TV series, this computer animated gem sees Brian, Ermintrude, Dylan and Dougal make their big screen debut for a new generation.

pokémon ranger and the temple of the sea

With the help of the People of the Water and Jackie the Pokémon Ranger, our heroes fight to protect Manaphy, the Prince of the Sea.


Computer-game geek Matthew Broderick inadverently taps into the Pentagon's computer system.

donkey skin

Based on a fairy tale by Charles Perrault (of Cinderella fame).

captain january

Celebrate Shirley Temple's 80th birthday with this classic 1930s musical.

komaneko the curious cat

Back by popular demand, a Japanese animation about Komaneko - a burgeoning animator!

gumby: the movie

The optimistic boy of clay makes it to the big screen.


Barret Oliver stars as robot boy D.A.R.Y.L. (Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform).

bmx bandits

An eighties classic and part of Australian film legend.

animated kids' classics autumn 2008

Stories by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Hans Christian Anderson are brought to life.

darius goes west

Darius takes the trip of his lifetime across the USA.

dot and the kangaroo

Groundbreaking animation from pioneering Yoram Gross studios celebrates its 30th anniversary.


Dispel those scary nightmares with this new animated film from Spain.

surf's up

Hang ten at the annual Penguin World Surfing Championships!

the wizard of oz

Follow the yellow brick road to this 1939 classic.

charlie and the chocolate factory

Tim Burton brings his unique vision to Roald Dahl's classic children's story.

animated kids' classics summer 2008

Animated story time filled with cats and dogs.

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