Running Order and Film Synopses

Nerd Boy
Stuart Elith, 58 seconds, Melbourne High School, South Yarra, Flash animation.

Sport again! Is today the day nerd boy triumphs? The audience is taken on a journey of hope in the face of overwhelming odds.

Couch Potato
Darcy Prendergast, 1 minute 45 seconds, Mowbray College, Melton, claymation.

Life takes its toll on this couch. Imagination is combined with skilled model making to compress life into one and three quarter minutes.

Nine Lives
Jamie MacDowell, 7 minutes 20 seconds, Wesley College, Prahran, music video narrative.

Artful images in motion. This production explores the possibilities of human movement through the work of students of the National Institute of Circus Arts.

The Evil Within
Matthew Peters, 10 minutes, Salesian College, Chadstone, horror narrative.

An innocent trip to the library leads to an extraordinary afternoon for three children. CGI special effects are used with assurance in a piece where the child actors have been carefully directed.

Crazy Whist
Corey O'Meara, 10 minutes, Upwey High School, Upwey, documentary.

The story of extraordinary friendships forged through a monthly game of cards. The pace and direction of this piece allows the characters to tell their own story. 

The Doll House
Daniel Bronsema, 6 minutes 30seconds, Salesian College, Sunbury, experimental narrative.

Juxtaposition and montage are used to construct an ambiguous story of a young girl's fragmented memories. The use of old movie footage adds a layer of dread to this important work.

Pavor Nocturnus
Adrian Katz, 8 minutes, Wesley College, Prahran, narrative.

What is real and what can only be imagined? Expert use of motif, a superb sound design and slick editing combine in a piece that leaves the audience asking questions. 
Natalie Grauer, 5 minutes 30 seconds, Wesley College, Prahran, documentary narrative.

Power and control are the themes of this disturbing work which combines narrative with montage to explore the dark world of anorexia. 

Sunrise Sunset
Clare Brady, 1 minute 10 seconds, Padua College, Mornington, animation.

Multiple media techniques and processes have been used to create the metamorphoses that are this world within a world. 

Hard 'ol  Knuckles Blue
Emily Mendoza, 5 minutes 25 seconds, Star of the Sea College, documentary narrative.

A tender tribute to the life and work of musician Noel Mendoza. Song, dance and music weave the story of this remarkable man.

Tormenting Gloria Johnson
Qiao Li, 10 minutes, Swinburne University of Technology, Prahran, narrative.

Gloria has been stepped on all her life. Erratic, unusual and a bit weird, for Gloria things must come to a head. This is a day no one in Gloria's life will forget. 

Voices Unheard
Joel Trethowan, 7 minutes 15 seconds, Oberon High School, Belmont, experimental documentary narrative. 

A young woman struggles with reality in a work that spans several genres taking the audience on a journey to a place no one wants go.

The Derelict Plain
Damien Csehi, 10 minutes, Mooroolbark Heights Secondary College, narrative. A beautifully constructed mystery set in the rolling fields of a country long forgotten. Attention to detail is finely wrought in this evocation of another time and place.

To the Future
Tim White, 10 minutes, Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew, narrative. It is Peter's 40th birthday and this is one he is planning to celebrate, if only he can make it home. The pace of this gripping work holds the audience until . . .



This is For You Anna
Jennifer Ho, 9 minutes 50 seconds, Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew, narrative documentary.

Life is tough for young people the world over but for many Asian students the pressure to perform commands a high price. This personal exploration was designed for the intimate viewing and engagement of the small screen experience.

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