Megan Spencer Presents Jisoe

MA 15+
Eddie Martin, 56 mins, Australia, 2004, Betacam. Courtesy: Siren Visual Entertainment

Filmmaker and critic Megan Spencer introduces two powerful documentaries that rank amongst her personal favourites!

The deeply rewarding Jisoe tails a young graffiti artist who spends his time smoking pot, hanging out, breaking into train yards and creating undeniably epic art on the sides of Melbourne's trains. Delving deep into subterranean suburbia, this resounding social commentary gives the phrase 'wrong side of the tracks' a new resonance.

Screens with A Dollar for the Good Ones (30 mins, 2005), Josh Lee's intriguing tale of two friends and their relentless pursuit of golf balls.

Read the notes to the presentation.

Dates   Sat 29 Sep 2007, 4pm
No Longer Available
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