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wedding sari showdown with director kylie boltin


wedding sari showdown 2
Wedding Sari Showdown 2
Wedding Sari Showdown started with a meeting of first and second generation Indian-Australians - people don't know the first thing about Indians in Australia was the general consensus. For me, this was a call to arms to connect the diaspora to a wider conversation about culture and identity. For Anu and Ramona it was also the beginning of something else altogether - they started dating!

I borrowed the first of three cameras and spent a few months filming members of the community until Ramona told me that she and Anu were going to get married! I knew that this was the film I needed to make - the secret registry wedding and two years of their (often tumultuous) relationship and how it intersected with their families' very different ideas.

After Episode 1 screened, Ramona received a lot of feedback directly and not all of it was pleasant. She wanted to continue the aims of the first film - to increase awareness of the issues that exist between first and second generation Indians in Australia. She wanted to reveal more! As a result, Episode 2 was born - another instalment where reality far outweighed expectations for everyone involved.

Kylie Boltin, 2007

Wedding Sari Showdown
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