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naked on the inside with director kim farrant


naked on the inside
Naked on the Inside
I love that feeling, like the first time you see your lover naked...the fear...the excitement...the flickers of pride...of shame... I love to witness another's vulnerability, and through theirs, hold a mirror to my own. When I'm naked, something beyond my flesh is revealed...its as if I can't hide anymore...the real me. But what is that? The real me. The real you. Our essence?

I'm drawn to the uncomfortable places that dwell within us...the places often covered up by our layers of protection.addictions, behaviours, affectations, stories, and the surface armour of clothes. Clothes tend to represent status, occupation, culture... without clothes, who are we? And beyond our skin... who are we? Beyond words, our definitions of self that we cling to...who are we?

Naked on the Inside asks what defines us? Is it the colour of our skin? Our size? Our beauty? Our limbs? Our gender? Our sexuality? What we've done with our body? Our perception of self? The world's view of us? The film is about stripping back the layers of facade, the walls we tend to build around us that keep us safe, and yet often separate from ourselves and others. It's about that unnerving place within us all...

Kim Farrant, 2007

Naked on the Inside
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