Tom Kalin, 82 mins, USA, 1992, B&W, 35mm. Courtesy: Potential Films

image from swoon
Writer/director Tom Kalin nails the pathology of bigotry in his take on the infamous flapper-age trial of Leopold (Craig Chester) and Loeb (Daniel Schlachet); two gay, Jewish, eighteen-year-old intellectuals convicted of the 'thrill killing' of thirteen-year-old Bobby Franks.

As much an aestheticised movie love song to archival-yesteryear delirium as it is a brooding thesis on the antique notion of gays as psychosexual outlaws.

Swoon leaves Hollywood's previous forays into the case - Compulsion and Hitchcock's Rope - looking timid by comparison.

Dates   Sun 22 Oct 2006, 5.30pm
Sun 29 Oct 2006, 4pm
No Longer Available
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