Wednesday, 31 May 2006

melbourne international animation festival 2006

Bigger! Better! And animatedly more fascinating than ever before! The 6th Annual Melbourne International Animation Festival, one of the big highlights in Melbourne's film festival calendar, returns to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image from June 20-25.

Highlights for MIAF 2006

The Aeon Flux Collection
Aeon Flux was a striking ninetees cult favourite that raised the bar of animation to a new, R-rated level. One of the first seriously sexy, adults-only animated TV series, Aeon Flux was uber cool and savagely stylish with a visual inventiveness that dared the mind to try and take it all in. An astonishing mix of hard edge comic style drawing, B&D/Sci-Fi settings and mind altering storylines - not to mention a bisexual heroine who is an assassin, a dominatrix and a part-time model for a shoe fetish magazine - Aeon Flux crashed through perceptions of what TV animation could be or contemplate being. With a style of movement and a visual look since mimicked over and over, Aeon Flux is widely regarded as a key inspiration for The Matrix (think Trinity), Resident Evil and Tomb Raider franchises. MIAF's big screen review of stunning episodes from the original MTV series has been especially selected by Aeon Flux's creator, Peter Chung.

Special international guest - Rosto A.D. (Holland)
MIAF is pleased to welcome to Melbourne the amazingly talented Dutch filmmaker Rosto A. D. -animator, graphic novelist, musician, artist and designer. Known for his truly awe-inspiring CG animation, Rosto will be presenting his acclaimed trilogy of films collectively entitled Mind My Gap, a big-screen version of his highly original graphic novel of the same name, its final instalment, Jona/Tomberry, taking out the Grand Prix Canal+ at the Critics' Week in Cannes.
Frame Of Mind: Comic Art Meets Animation
Comic book art and animation often work the same side of the street: both use drawings to capture and portray motion, both often make very inventive uses of the 'frame's containing their images and both are seriously misunderstood by the wider public. MIAF's Comic Art Meets Animation session will showcase the wild, vibrant, sometimes violent - but enormously fun & entertaining - crossroads at which these two amazing art forms meet.

Animation 101
A short, sharp experience for those with a serious curiosity for what makes creative animation tick, MIAF will present three early evening mini-lectures, each focusing on how a specific animated film was made, followed - obviously - by a screening of that film. One of the highlights will be How Can It Take 3 Years To Make A 10 Minute Film, where Perth Animator Randall Lynton will talk give an insight into the realities of making a killer animation where patience is just as important as creativity itself. Lynton's acclaimed stop-motion film Ransis And Alee has already won its fair share of awards but as it will be revealed, the process of creating it was long and painstaking.

The Korean Panorama
A long overdue foray into the best films of one of our Asian neighbours. Late last year, MIAF was invited to screen a collection of Australian films at Indie AniFest in Seoul, and to sit on the jury for that festival. This year, we return the favour by bringing a collection of the best recently released Korean animated films to MIAF.

Also screening this year will be MIAF's first ever animation studio focus, featuring a showcase of the extraordinary work of Estonian studio Nukufilm, considered as one of the finest creators of puppet animation ('puppetfilm') in the world; Masters of Abstraction I & II, a comprehensive collection of the very finest abstract animation ever made going right back to the beginning of the art form; a retrospective of the work of Canadian master animator Frederic Back; Careers in Animation Forum presented by Holmesglen Institute of TAFE; and for the night owls, two special late night events: a MIAF / Freaky Fridays' co-presentation of Ralph Bakshi's subversive cult feature Fritz the Cat (also known as the first animated motion picture to receive an X-rating), and on Saturday night Late Night Bizarre - a collection of animation at its weirdest: impossible to explain plots, way out there ideas, a boggling compendium of "what were they thinking?" moments guaranteed to keep your brain turning well after you've left the cinema. 

Returning in 2006 will be all the regular MIAF favourites - Seven International Panorama sessions, showcasing the very best, recently released international and Australian animation (featuring more than 100 films, from 25 countries); a special Australian panorama of the very best from our own country;  Animated Documentaries;  Kids Animation session (tickets only $5 a session and family friendly times of Sat & Sun mornings), Digital Panorama, Abstract Panorama as well as The International Student Animation Festival (different screenings wrapping up the best animation from the world's finest schools).


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