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The media-making process has never been easier, nor has it been more popular. Handy cams and editing software are empowering people and communities everywhere to tell their own stories, their way. It seems everyone can be a moviemaker, but what does that say about the movies we are making?

This forum will explore the value of do-it-yourself media, and asks the questions:
Does easy access to moving-image production lead towards a more healthy media environment, where new ways of story telling and other innovations can develop and flourish?
Or, in the race to fill the screens, are we creating media for media's sake?

Launched as part of the forum will be the new Memory Grid exhibition 777 Seconds: New Screen Work

Dates   Thursday 17 March 2005, 6.15pm
Admission   Free
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Presented by S7 DIGITAL, BUSA AAT, and ACMI. SPINACH7 DIGITAL is an integrated digital media channel that promotes crossing genres and traditional audience boundaries.
BUSA AAT is committed to finding new audiences and distribution channels for short content.
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