Friday, 10 November 2006

summer school holidays = fun for kids at acmi!

Astro Boy lands at the ACMI these school holidays for a summer school holiday program packed with fun games, films and workshops.

ACMI's Games Lab will be will be firing up the Commodore 64 and Amstrads as it presents an exhibition packed with eighties retro games sure to please parents and kids alike.

Throughout January, ACMI presents a special Kids Flicks season dedicated to the creator of iconic animated characters Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion with daily screenings of a selection of whimsical classic and more recent Tezuka creations such as Alakazam the Great and Jungle Emperor Leo.

Eyes, Lies and Illusions, a new exhibition will thrill and delight visitors where seeing is not believing and everything is not what is seems. A stunning exhibition tracing the history of the moving image prior to the invention of cinema visitors will be able to play with 'witch mirrors' and watch their friends shrink before their very eyes in the Ames Room.

In addition to the exhibition, ACMI will also present a series of workshops especially for kids including puppet making and green screen experiences in ACMI's own television studio.

Screen Gallery

Eyes, Lies and Illusions
Thursday 2 November - Sunday 11 February
Full $12 Concession $8; Family $30 (2 Adults and 2 Children, additional children $4 each)
Open daily 10am-6pm

Venture down into ACMI's basement on a voyage of discovery where perception is not reality, seeing is not believing and everything is not what it seems. Journey through light and shadows as strange effects and weird devices combine for a head-spinning interactive experience showcasing visual puzzles and strange devices, some dating back to the 1600s, that captured movement hundreds of years before the invention of film and works by contemporary artists which explore our continued fascination with optical phenomena. Popular in the Victorian era, where entertainment involved 'spectacles' paranormal events, such as hypnotism, communication with the dead, and ghost conjuring the objects in Eyes, Lies and Illusions could be found in parlours and in sideshows and carnivals alongside menageries, freakshows and oddities such as the Elephant Man and Fiji Mermaid which delighted and crowds and participants.

Games Lab

6 Dec - 6 May 2007 > Free!
Hits of the 80s: Aussie games that rocked the world
ACMI brings you the very best in retro gaming in its new Games Lab exhibition, Hits of the 80s: Aussie games that rocked the world. Packed with some of the best selling computer games titles of the 80s including The Hobbit and The Way of the Exploding Fist the exhibition explores the impact that Melbourne based developer Bean Software had on the development of video games internationally.

13 Dec 2006 - 25 Feb 2007 > Free!
Go Go Astro Boy
Take to the skies and fight for good as the world's most beloved Manga character. ACMI celebrates Osamu Tezuka's Mighty Atom with a look at how his popularity continues though his integration into the world of games. These Astro Boy games offer fans a chance to play as their hero and interact with engaging stories drawn from the 2003 animation series. In a translation to game play, the rich narrative world originally created by Tezuka and Astro Boy's ongoing story generates many opportunities for the game designers but bring also the responsibility of integrity to this legacy.

Astro Boy (G 8+)
A chance to visit the beautifully styled 3D world of Metro City and take the hero's journey as a boy robot. Visually true to the Astro Boy licence and populated by characters from the 2003 series. The initially vulnerable Astro Boy's seven special abilities are unlocked as the game progresses. This 3D action game features impressive visual design worthy of the animation series and engaging audio.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor (G 8+)
Considered one of the best games on the Game Boy Advance, it offers a dynamic mix of classic side-scrolling and 2D action. The story of this beautifully designed game reflects faithfully on Osamu Tezuka's original vision with its allegories of racism, its humour and cuteness. Fans will delighted by the inclusion Astro Boys famous posterior guns and many characters from the 2003 series.

ACMI Cinemas

Mon-Fri Jan 1-5 11am & 1.30 pm; Mon-Fri Jan 8-12, 11am & 1.30 pm; Mon-Fri Jan 22-26, 11am & 1.30 pm
> Tickets $5
Kids' Flicks presents selection of Tezuka children's films
Celebrating the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, Osamu Tezuka, ACMI presents a special school holiday cinema program Kids' Flicks dedicated to Tezuka's children's films. The season will include the features Jungle Emperor Leo (1997) the compelling story of the grown-up Kimba and his lion cubs; The Fantastic Adventures of Unico (1981) starring a sweet-natured unicorn who grants wishes to the person who loves him, and Alakazam the Great (1960), about the adventures of a mythical magic monkey with a singing voice supplied by 1960s teen idol Frankie Avalon.
Tezuka Children's Program:

Mon 1 Jan 11am, Tue 2 Jan 11am, Wed 3 Jan 11am, Thu 4 Jan 11am, Fri 5 Jan 11am, Mon 8 Jan 11am, Tue 9 Jan 11am, Wed 10 Jan 11am, Thu 11 Jan 11am, Fri 12 Jan 11am
Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion G
Osamu Tezuka, Noboru Ishiguro & Eiichi Yamamoto, 72 mins, Japan, 1963-80, B&W/colour, English language dub.
Three opening episodes of anime TV series starring Tezuka's definitive characters. Astro Boy has been made into three series. The first version, from 1963, is the landmark series that broke Tezuka into the US market. One of the first generation anime classics produced for television (and the first in colour), Tezuka's hugely appealing Kimba the White Lion series (1965-67) went on to inspire Disney's The Lion King.

Mon 22 Jan 11am, Tue 23 Jan 11am, Wed 24 Jan 11am, Thu 25 Jan 11am, Fri 26 Jan 11am
Jungle Emperor Leo PG (Mild animated violence, Some scenes may upset young children)
Yoshio Takeuici (director), Original Story by Ozamu Tezuka, 90 mins, Tezuka Productions, Japan, 1997, English language dub.
A remake of the earlier TV series based on Tezuka's manga, this version of Jungle Emperor is a muted response to Disney Studios' The Lion King. Many key scenes from The Lion King were lifted without credit from Tezuka's original work.

Mon 1 Jan 1.30pm, Tue 2 Jan 1.30pm, Wed 3 Jan 1.30pm, Thu 4 Jan 1.30pm, Fri 5 Jan 1.30pm
Alakazam the Great unclassified 15+
Daisaku Shirakawa & Taiji Yabushita, 88 mins, Japan/US, 1961, colour, English language dub
This early 1960s animated musical based on Tezuka's manga Saiyu-Ki (itself based on Tales from the East) surprisingly benefits from Les Baxter songs sung by Frankie Avalon. It's Beach Blanket Bingo meets Monkey - a cocktail perfectly matching Tezuka's own heady mix-and-match narratives. Sterling Holloway (the voice of Winnie the Pooh) narrates. Australian premiere.

Mon 8 Jan 1.30pm, Tue 9 Jan 1.30pm, Wed 10 Jan 1.30pm, Thu 11 Jan 1.30pm, Fri 12 Jan 1.30pm
The Fantastic Adventure of Unico G
Toshio Hirata, 90 mins, Japan, 1981, Digital Betacam, English language dub.
Stylistically leaning toward shojo manga (girls' comics), Unico's is the story of a baby unicorn befriended by an adorable (if occasionally petulant) kitten with transformative powers, a young girl and her aging grandmother. A handsome prince is a menacing yet seductive force who propels the melodramatic action in this darkly fantastic - and irresistibly cute - story.
Mon 22 Jan 1.30pm, Tue 23 Jan 1.30pm, Wed 24 Jan 1.30pm, Thu 25 Jan 1.30pm
Marine Express unclassified 15+
Tetsu Dezaki (chief director) Osamu Tezuka (original story), 91 mins, Japan, 1979
Marine Express features just about every familiar Tezuka character playing a role (Astro Boy and Don Dracula included). Set in the 'future' (2002), the fantastical sci-fi adventures of the Marine Express begin when it slips through a time warp on its maiden voyage between the United States and Japan. Australian Premiere.

Also Sunday Kids flicks continues throughout December & January:

Sun 3 Dec 10.30am, Sun 3 Dec 1 pm
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory G
Mel Stuart, 98 mins, USA, 1971, 35mm, reissued Technicolor print with Dolby Digital Sound. Courtesy: Chapel Distribution
It's scrumdiddlyumptious! The timeless film starring Gene Wilder, based on the children's classic by Roald Dahl. Young Charlie Bucket wins one of five golden tickets to join Willy Wonka on a personally guided tour of his world famous Chocolate Factory but once inside the factory, the children's worst instincts come to the fore and all manner of sticky ends befall them. Will Charlie make it to the end of the tour without falling into a river of chocolate or turning into a blueberry?!

Sun 10 Dec 10.30am , Sun 10 Dec 1 pm
101 Dalmations G
Walt Disney Pictures, 75 mins, USA, 1961, 16mm. Courtesy: BVI/Roadshow/ACMI Collection
Disney's classic BAFTA-winning 1961 animated feature pits an adorable litter of dalmation pups against the voracious fashion appetites of the monstrous Cruella de Vil (voiced by Betty Lou Gerson), who rather fancies adding the pups' pelts to her wardrobe. Rod Taylor features as the voice of Pongo, the dalmations' human 'pet'.

Sun 17 Dec 10.30am, Sun 17 Dec 1pm
Chicken Little PG (Mild themes, some scary scenes)
Mark Dindal, 81 mins, USA, 2005, 35mm. Source: Buena Vista International
Zach Braff (from TV's Scrubs) voices the chicken-who-cried-wolf in Disney's first all-CGI feature. Chicken Little finally begins to live down his embarrassing faux pas when the sky really does begin to fall as the town of Oakey Oaks appears to be the target of an alien invasion. An upbeat score and terrific voice talent including Joan Cusack and Don Knotts add pep and brio to this briskly paced film.
Sun 24 Dec 10.30am, Sun 24 Dec 1 pm
Mickey's Christmas Carol + Disney shorts G
Walt Disney Pictures, 26 mins, USA, 1983, 16mm
Disney's free-wheeling adaptation of Dickens' timeless yuletide story features Mickey, Goofy and Jiminy Cricket, with Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer. Screens with Disney animated shorts, Peter and the Wolf, with music by Sergei Prokofiev, The Band Concert, in which Mickey's band performs The William Tell Overture, and Mickey's Trailer, in which Goofy, Donald and Mickey set off on holiday together. Total running time: 59 mins.

Sundays in January 2007 at 10:30am & 1pm (Jan 7, 14, 21, 28)
Opal Dream PG (Mild themes, Mild violence, Mild coarse language)
Peter Cattaneo, 85 mins, Australia, 2006, 35mm. Courtesy: Icon Film Distribution
The Full Monty director, Peter Cattaneo, sets a similarly genial tone in this UK/Australian co-production, adapted from Ben Rice's novella, Poppy and Dingham. The Williamsons - mum (Jacqueline McKenzie), dad (Vince Colosimo), 9 year old Kellyanne and 10 year Ashmol - live in the outback mining town of Cooper Pedy. When Kellyanne's imaginary friends go missing and her father is unfairly accused of 'ratting', Ashmol digs deep to set things right. "The film's warm and affirmative themes and performances are rock solid." Urban Cinefile

ACMI Workshops

Mon 8 Jan 10.30am, Mon 8 Jan 1pm, Tue 9 Jan 10.30am, Tue 9 Jan 1pm, Wed 10 Jan 10.30, Wed 10 Jan 1pm
> Tickets $25 (Recommended for children aged between 8 &12)
Clay Animation  - School Holiday Workshop
This exciting 90-minute program lets kids make their very own clay animation from making their models through to the world premiere of their animation in our Digital Studio. The workshop includes all materials and equipment, and is facilitated by an experienced ACMI educator.

Mon 15 Jan & Fri 19 Jan
Tickets > $400 Places limited book now on 8663 2583 
School Holiday Workshop - VCE folio course in flash animation
This week long program lets VCE students learn basic flash animation, create interactive digital photography, master a wacom tablet and create original music scores for their work. The course is run by an experienced ACMI educator is perfect for students in media, studio arts and art. 
Sun 21 jan, Sun 28 Jan, Wed 7 feb, Sun 11 Feb 10am & 6pm daily
> Free!
Workshop - On cue green screen illusions
Have you ever wondered how the magic of TV and cinema really works? Come to ACMI to experience the visual effects and cinema tricks of chroma-key technology. These engaging programs transport you from your seat to the screen, and in the process show you how the magic of cinema really works.

Mon 16 Jan & Fri 19 Jan, daily at 10am & 1pm Mon 22 Jan & Thu 25 Jan Daily at 10am & 1pm
>Tickets $15 (Recommended for children aged between 8 & 13)
Workshop - Screen Adventures Puppet Magic Special
At this exciting school holiday workshop, kids experience unforgettable studio-style green screen effects. Trained facilitators will work with the kids to create their own films where the puppets come alive in amazing animated worlds. 

Fri 26 Jan 11am & 3pm
> Free (with exhibition ticket)
Workshop - Children's activity day
Come to ACMI on Australia Day and take part in an exciting group of children's programs that are fun for the entire family. These hands-on workshops will engage children as they observe, experiment, create, explore and think about how they see what they see.

School Workshop - Screen Battle Royale
Tickets > $20 per student, minimum group of 20
Call Screen Education on (03) 8663 2441 for availability and bookings. 
This workshop is designed for large groups to culture jam in a battle to produce a short moving-image artwork in just 90-minutes! Perfect for VCE classes in art and studio art, participants will get hands-on with real-time vision mixing, traditional animation, digital stop-motion capture, green screen technology and drawing and graf techniques.

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