masters of animation: faith and john hubley


'... We're confronted with such massive, serious problems as a society, on a world level, that animation as a medium of communication can deal with the abstractions. of these problems that a camera can't.' (John Hubley)

masters of animation: faith & john hubley
Images (from left to right): Cloudland > Time of the Angels > Adventures of an * > Tall Time Tales 






A retrospective of four decades of animation from U.S. indie collaborators and Academy Award winners, Faith and John Hubley. In the years since the establishment of their independent animation studio, Storyboard, in 1955, the Hubleys completed 21 films together, one a year until John Hubley's death, during heart surgery in 1977. After her husband's passing, Faith upheld the promise they had made, 'to make at least one independent film a year', producing 25 more films until her own passing in 2001. The Hubleys' non-traditional techniques, a blend of watercolour, wax crayons, multiple exposures and lighting from beneath the camera, give their films a spontaneous appearance and emphasise their free-form graphic approach. Their vast body of work reflects an intense commitment to political alternatives and a belief in social justice.


1993, 8 mins

Mythic creatures, surreal landscapes and an evocative soundtrack paint a child-like view of a different world based on Australian indigenous art and mythology

Adventures of an *

1956, 10 mins

The tale of a baby represented by the "*" symbol who enjoys the visual excitement of the world. As he grows, his appreciation dwindles. Then, as his child grows, the flame rekindles.

The Hat

1963, 18 mins

An improvised dialogue takes place between Dizzy Gillespie and Dudley Moore who portray two soldiers patrolling the border between their countries. While one accidentally drops his helmet over the line, the other refuses to give it back, setting the scene for a witty exploration of world peace and law.

Time of the Angels

1987, 10 mins

The result of Faith Hubley's interpretation of three Latin American poems in symbolic animation. Each is spoken both in Spanish and English and integrated into a musical score.

Windy Day

1967, 10 mins

John and Faith's young daughters present a child's view of love, death and marriage.

Tall Time Tales

1992, 8 mins

Blends symbolic imagery, surrealist landscapes and an evocative soundtrack, turning our sense of rhythm and reality upside down.

Northern Ice, Golden Sun

2001, 6 mins

Faith Hubley's final work, a lyrical visual poem to environmentalism that conveys the Inuit's deep attachment to the land and their remarkable ability to adapt to the natural world.

(total running time 80 mins)

Dates   Thursday 19 February 2004, 7pm
Saturday 21 February 2004, 5pm
Admission   Full $12 Concession $9
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