Thursday, 10 August 2006

acmi releases parent's guide to video games

Parents, Kids & Videogames - What's The Score?
A Parent's Guide To Videogames
by Anthony Hetrih

Made available by the ACMI Screen Education Program, available to download free from the ACMI website:

As part of its ongoing support and interest in gaming culture and screen education, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image has just released a specially commissioned parent's guide to videogames, available as a free download from ACMI's website.

Written by Anthony Hetrih a member of the Classification Review Board, games journalist and parent, Parents, Kids & Videogames - What's The Score? A Parent's Guide To Videogames offers a starting point from which parents can gain a better understanding of videogames and their content. It discusses the reasons why kids enjoy videogames, addresses parental concerns surrounding videogames and offers some common sense tips.

"Children love videogames, so we were keen to create a resource for parents, that offer them a way to start thinking about games and talking about them with their kids. Providing an even handed, independent assessment, which would be free of any commercial agendas, " says ACMI's games curator, Helen Stuckey.
"As part of ACMI's commitment to screen education and games culture, we wanted to give parents a better understanding of this form of interactive entertainment, so they can feel confident that they are well equipped to make informed decisions about what their children are playing."

Parents, Kids & Videogames looks at games from a range of genres and discusses some of the learning outcomes and challenges that different games offer their audience.

The guide also provides tips that parents should consider when buying a videogame for their child, detailed information on the six elements the Classification Board considers when reviewing games, as well as outlining some "kid friendly" games, personally selected by the author, including some of the reasons for each choice.

About Anthony Hetrih:

Anthony Hetrih has worked as a journalist for more than seven years, writing videogame/technology reviews and features for a number of high profile magazines, newspapers and websites. His work has been published both in Australia and overseas. He currently writes the gaming sections for Just Kidding, DMAG and Just Kidding Junior.

Anthony has an extensive hands-on knowledge of video games and grew up playing games as part of the Nintendo generation. His persona/pen-name "Game Guru" specialty is writing for a younger audience-specifically, children and teens. He has been researching the effects of videogames on children for several years and feels many of the issues raised by parents had been directly related to the negative portrayal of videogames in the Australian mainstream media.

In May 2005, Anthony was appointed as a member of the Classification Review Board.


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