taliban country + it's not my memory of it

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 image from taliban country
Image: Taliban Country

Taliban Country
Unclassified 18+
Carmela Baranowska, 45 mins, Australia, 2004

In May/June 2004, Walkley-award winning investigative reporter Carmela Baranowska was embedded with U.S. Marines in one of the most dangerous and remote parts of Afghanistan, beyond the reach of UN and aid agencies.

Frustrated by the limitations imposed on what she could report, Baranowska decided to travel back to Oruzgon Province independently of the U.S. Marines and Afghan militia that she had journeyed with up to that point. Western media outlets reported her kidnapping by the Taliban; a 'fact' the documentary dispels. (The source of reports of an abandoned vehicle and Taliban abduction of a western woman has never been uncovered.)

More importantly, Baranowska's footage offers disturbing first-person accounts of the treatment being dealt Afghans by U.S. marines in the war on terror and has led to the opening of two U.S. military investigations.

Courtesy: Carmela Baranowska

 image from it's not my memory of it
Image: It's Not My Memory Of It
It's Not My Memory Of It: three recollected documents

Unclassified 18+
Speculative Archive (David Thorne and Julia Meltzer), 25 mins, USA, 2003

Raising questions about disappearance and the tenuousness of historical fact, this inspired work elaborates on practices of secrecy, memory and documentation. Three intelligence documents are recollected and punctuated by fragments of interviews with officials from federal agencies who distinguish between 'real' and 'protocol' secrets.

Courtesy: Video Databank

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Courtesy: Carmela Baranowska
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