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popcorn taxi events in june & july 2006

Watch the films, meet their makers.

Popcorn Taxi brings you three fantastic meet-the-filmmaker events in June & July. The Melbourne Premiere of US indie hit film Funny Ha-Ha including Q&A with director Andrew Bujalski in his only Melbourne appearance (Tuesday 13 June). A special fireside chat with Chris White, CG Effects Supervisor at Peter Jackson's visual effects facility Weta-Digital (Tuesday 27 June), who will talk about the effects behind King Kong. Then for something completely different, don't miss the Melbourne Premiere of Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality (US), an intriguing documentary that explores how anxiety of death has embedded within everything we do.

Tuesday 13 June at 7:30pm

***Melbourne Premiere***

"A beautifully observant and wholly unpretentious film with roots more in Cassavetes than Sundance-style showbiz". Variety

Funny Ha Ha  (US)
Screening + Q& A with director Andrew Bujalski.

Unclassified 18+

When you graduate college you easily enter into the world of adulthood, start a career, and get serious, right? Wrong. Marnie has left college, but not her drinking habits and her bad taste in men. What's more, Marnie can't seem to find a permanent job. It would be sad if it weren't so funny.

Hailed by the New York Times and Film Comment as one of the ten best films of 2005, Funny Ha Ha is true US independent filmmaking at its best, with director Andrew Bujalski's awarded the "someone to watch" prize at US Independent Spirit Awards.

A definite filmmaking talent on the rise, be sure not to miss Andrew Bujalski's only Melbourne appearance and your chance to find out how to make low-budget films that can take the world by storm!

Made on an utter shoe-string, Bujalski shot his debut film on 16mm, cast friends in lead roles and even put himself into the film because "he knew he would work for free"!! Drawing on key influences such as Mike Leigh and Richard Linklater, Bujalski's impressive depiction of disillusioned and somewhat aimless youth is like a breath of fresh air and has been compared to the work of Cassavetes and Jarmusch.

Andrew Bujalski's next feature, Mutual Appreciation, will be released in cinemas later this year. Popcorn taxi thanks Accent Films for their assistance in making this event possible.

Tuesday 27 June at 7.30pm

King Kong - Visual Effects in Modern Filmmaking
Q & A with Chris White, Computer Graphics Supervisor at Weta Digital

Creating a photo-real 1933 New York City was one of the major artistic and technical achievements of Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong

In his only public appearance in Melbourne, Chris White CG Supervisor at Academy Award winning visual effects facility winning Weta Digital (New Zealand) explains how the visual effects team at Weta created all of Manhattan Island in 3D, the fantastical jungles of Skull Island and brought Kong, the beast himself, to life.
As part of this event, Chris will also be presenting images and sequences that never made it onto DVD and discussing the challenges and demands of visual effects and how this changes the way directors create their stories. 

Boasting a CV that most film fans would die for, (Star Wars I - III, Men in Black, The Perfect Storm, Mars Attacks and I Robot), to name but a few, be sure to not miss this rare opportunity to see how some of the most innovative blockbuster effects make it onto the screen and into cinema history!!

Tuesday 18 July at 7.30pm

***Melbourne Premiere***

Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality  (US)
Screening + Q&A with Producer Greg Bennick
"Flight from Death is a stimulating, ultimately life-affirming film filled with big ideas and revelatory footage." -- Seattle Times
From the very moment of birth, death is a reality that every living creature will inevitably experience -- but what is death, really? In this mind-blowing documentary narrated by acclaimed actor Gabriel Byrne, the research of late cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker is explored to reveal his theory of death as the primary motivator of human behavior -- especially in regards to aggression and violence.
Hailed by many viewers as a "life-transformational film," Flight from Death has taken American audiences by storm.  Featuring an amazing cast of scholars, authors, philosophers, and researchers this is a film that is "not only thought-provoking but also entertaining and put together with a lot of class" (Eric Campos, Film Threat).

Full $15, Concession $13;
Tickets: PH- 03 8663 2583 or
All films screening in these events are rated 18+ unclassified.
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