Monday, 21 June 2004

networked art

Featuring a new generation of artists working with wireless, interactive and on-line technologies, 2004: Networked is art born in the era of digital culture - where computers of every kind and the internet have become integral to daily existence.

Frequently taking inspiration from pre-existing art forms, cultural phenomena and industrial and personal technology  - such as computer games, poetry, blogging, social activism, animation, music, aircraft radio transmissions, java code and the mobile phone - networked art is flourishing, and is a highly accessible experience for everyone including those who would like to understand just a little bit more and those who would like to get hands-on and create for themselves.

Networked works will be displayed and performed in many forms and locations across ACMI - as installations in ACMI's Screen Gallery, on screen in a purpose-built  'interactive zone', as live events, and also online from 7 June at

2004 Networked highlights include:

Rebecca Cannon, The Buff and the Brutal - A wickedly camp slice of 'machinima', The Buff and the Brutal parodies the very tough, warped characters in the computer game Quake 3, turning them into players in a gay soap opera - emotionally vulnerable, jealous, and caught in a cycle of treachery and deceit.

One of the hottest new filmmaking trends sweeping the world, Machinima is a convergence of animation, computer game technology and filmmaking. There are no actors, no studio, no big time directors and anyone with a computer can create it. Using sophisticated gaming software as the foundation, machinima-makers create animated films in real-time for a fraction of the cost of traditional computer generated imagery seen in multimillion dollar Hollywood epics. - is a stunning example of 'tactical' media, a growing grass roots movement in the online community that employs new media and digital formats as a resource for the DIY activist.

Part-protest, part call-to-action, responds to current debates around  asylum seekers and immigration, providing a free and easily downloadable 'activist's tool kit' to enable hooked-up campaigners to spread the message far and wide. One of the most effective examples of its kind, the poster art from has been stencilled on street-corners, placed in shop windows, projected onto the Sydney Opera House and folded into thousands of origami boats placed outside the Department of Immigration.

Another tactical media work which will be promoted via the networked program is Escape from Woomera: Prototype, which invites the user to explore the experiences of a refugee via a first person, 3D online game.

Deep Child, What's going wrong? - Sydney producer and long-time Clan Analogue member Deep Child has created a following (and considerable triple J airplay) with his creamy, electronic soundscapes mixing dub, house, soul and deep-space jazz. To accompany his single What's Going Wrong?  a personal response to immigration debates, the artist has created a poignant and beautiful flash animation video clip which will be on display in the interactive zonein the Screen Gallery (and can also be previewed online at

geniwate, Generative Poetry - Melbourne writer geniwate (winner of the 2004 Mayne Award for Multimedia at the 2004 Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature) showcases the award-winning work Concatenation, and two other on-line poetry works which comment on topical contemporary world events. Inspired by William S. Brurroughs random 'cut-up' technique, Geniwate's poetical texts exist in a state of ever-evolving generation, constantly shaped by the user's interaction.

Chris Caines, Go This Way - Go This Way invites visitors to ACMI to navigate a parallel world of sound, image and video, where stories and characters are uncovered in the laneways of Melbourne. This work is available via GPRS on your mobile phone or can be downloaded onto your PDA (such as a Palm Pilot).

Among the other works showcased in Networked Art are Anita Johnston's UndeRlanD, a part fairy-tale, part nightmare immersive computer game environment; The Line Ahead, Zina Kaye's real-time visual representations of radio-scanned transmissions live from Melbourne Airport, as well as several blogger-based works including Miss Helen's spycore dot net, Adrian Miles videoblog::vog and the stunning 3D landscapes in Peter Murphy's Panoramic VR Weblog (which also can be previewed online at

Media inquiries:

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