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Activision/Lionhead Studios, 2005

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The Movies
The Movies
is a new game by Activision and Peter Molyneux's Lionhead Studios. A tycoon game and a simulation game rolled into one, the player governs a movie making empire. Inside lies a game within a game, giving players the opportunity to make their own movies. The feature is integrated into the gameplay, but can also be used independently as a virtual production house.

Playing the Movies features three separate profiles of this game:

Make Movies
The Movies makes the production of Machinima very accessible. A series of simple menus guides the player through the process, offering thousands of potential scenes to edit, a large selection of sets, and hundreds of different costumes and props. Famous movie genres are reperesented with their difining tropes and clichés. Once you have cast, storyboarded and shot your movie, you move into a post-production area to lay down audio and polish your work.

Make the Stars
Starmaker is a tool designed to let you personalise the Machinima that you wish to make by designing the facial characteristic of avatars. This allows Machinima makers using The Movies to model the actors that they need to tell their differing stories.

Run the Studio
It is the 1920s: dawn of the Hollywood era. you must build your studio and grow you movie-making empire. You'll need to hire and fire staff and build up your lot with sets and studio buildings. Keep an eye on your finances and an eye on the future, for as the years pass you will need to develop new technologies to propel the industry forward.

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