the last clock

Ross Cooper & Jussi Ängeslevä, UK, 2001
Computer manipulated live video feed, colour, mute, real time
Courtesy: the artists

 image from the last clock
the Last clock   Ross Cooper & Jussi Angeslevä
the Last clock is a record of its own history. 

Like a conventional analogue clock, it has a second hand, a minute hand and an hour hand. The hands are arranged in concentric circles. The outermost circle shows seconds, the middle circle shows minutes, and the innermost circle hours. 

Each circle is made from a stream of live video fed from a camera located in the centre of the clock. As the hands rotate around the face of the clock they leave a trace of what has been happening in front of the camera, producing a changing mandala of archivable time. - Ross Cooper and Jussi Ängeslevä

Ross Cooper, b. 1978, Sidcup, United Kingdom
Ross Cooper is a multidisciplinary designer and artist, whose works have been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles; Ars Electronica, Linz; The Design Museum, London; and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan. 

Cooper is an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts where he teaches graphic design. His areas of interest include complex information visualisation, wearable electronics and time.

Jussi Ängeslevä, b. 1977, Paimio, Finland
Jussi Ängeslevä has worked as a researcher at the Media Lab Europe, Dublin, and is currently the senior concept designer at ART + COM, Berlin. 

His work has been presented internationally, including at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo; ZKM, Karlsruhe; and the Science Museum, London. Angeslevä is assistant professor at the University of Arts, Berlin. His field of specialisation is in physical and embodied interfaces.

Dates   Thursday 14 April - Sunday 17 July 2005
Admission   Free
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