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Digital Cinema keeps an eye firmly fixed on the future, exploring developments in digital production, restoration and delivery.

Recently ACMI has paid tribute to filmmakers who have embraced the opportunities that the new technologies offer and who have, as a result, created new forms of cinema. These have included Tarnation by Jonathan Caouette and the award-winning Peep 'TV' Show by Yutaka Tsuchiya. 

At the other end of the digital spectrum, ACMI presented selected highlights from the 2004 Venice Film Festival program The Secret History of Italian Cinema: Italian Kings of the 'Bs - an extraordinary project involving high-end digital restoration.

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This outstanding digital restoration from Park Circus revisits Dearden's location shooting, noirish lighting and ill-fated characters to great effect.

who gets to call it art?

Who Gets to Call It Art? documents the downtown New York pop art scene in the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of legendary curator Henry Geldzahler.

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the heartbreak tour + the actress

This appealing indie digital double features Ben Chessell's The Heartbreak Tour and Zak Hilditch's The Actress.

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black narcissus

'It's an all-time top 10 favourite of mine and seeing it digitally restored on the big screen brings a sugar-rush of pleasure.' The Guardian

thumbnail from summer madness

summer madness

This superb digital restoration does full justice to Lean and Hildyard's magical picture of Venice as seen through Jane's fresh and romantic eyes.