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Dr Brady Barr

Never smile at a crocodile? Meet the man who does, and who lives to tell the tale!

National Geographic's reptile expert Dr Brady Barr is the first person to ever capture and study all 23 species of crocodilians in the wild. With one third of all crocodile species endangered, Dr Barr's work brings much needed attention to their plight.

With the new season of his series Dangerous Encounters premiering in July, the Croc Doc is touring Australia to share his most unforgettable adventures in the field - including a near death experience in remote Indonesia and crawling around in a life-like hippo suit to get close enough to these deadly African giants to scrape the sweat off their backs!

Dr Barr made worldwide headlines last year when he wore a custom-designed crocodile suit to get up close and personal with these cold-blooded denizens of the Nile. Meet the Doc, see the amazing suit, and hear the incredible tales, on Saturday 28 June in the ACMI Cinemas.

Dates   Sat 28 Jun 2008, 2pm
No Longer Available
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