Wednesday, 5 February 2003

lounge critic: looks like a job for buffy

Why do we love Buffy? Join Dr Sue Turnbull, Senior Lecturer LaTrobe University as she discusses what moves and motivates our involvement in the Buffyverse.

Is it the spectacle of a petite blonde kicking serious monster butt? Is it the doomed characters we have grown to worry about? Is it the sex? Is it the intricate narratives, which reward the close attention of the loyal fan? Is it the dialogue? Is it the fact that Buffy is a complex TV text with cultural references to everything from the gothic novel to Harry Potter?  Is it the fashion?

Questions will be asked. Some will be answered.

Looks Like a Job for Buffy is part of ACMI's Lounge Critic - Program for the Couch Theorist, an ongoing monthly program aimed to enhance the television experience of the dedicated couch potato. The program is designed to be informative and provocative, spicing up our television viewing with a splash of critical context and social analysis.

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Lounge Critic: information

Venue: Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Flinders Street

Date and time: Look like a job for Buffy 7.00pm Thursday 6 February

Public information: (03) 8663 2200 or visit 

Tickets: $12.00 Full / $10.00 Conc

Further information

Claire Butler
Communications Coordinator
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