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acmi presents the australian premiere season of destricted

ACMI presents the Australian premiere season of Destricted, a collection of 7 short films by the world's leading art and film practitioners, including Matthew Barney, Larry Clark and Gasper Noé, exploring the boundaries between pornography and sex, screening September 27-30. Destricted is a platform for the uncensored expression of sex through art, formed in 2004, as part of a continuing series.

One of the most controversial and topical films of recent years, Destricted has screened at the Tate Modern in London in 2006 (and was voted Art Forum's best film for 2005), Critics Week at the Cannes Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival and Edinburgh Film Festival.

The seven contributors, Matthew Barney, Larry Clark, Gasper Noé, Richard Prince, Marina Abramovic, Marco Brambilla and Sam Taylor-Wood produce their own very different interpretations of pornography and eroticism, which make for confronting, humorous and at times deeply poignant viewing.

Provocative director, Larry Clark (Kids) contributes Impaled, a 38 minute film examining mainstream pornography, in which he interviews a series of young males about experiences with pornography and sex, selecting one to appear in his own porn film.

Gaspar Noé, director of the controversial feature film Irreversible, takes the audience on a cinematically erotic journey with We F**k Alone.

Prominent and influential artist, Matthew Barney, whose work is being exhibited as part of the current Guggenheim Collection 1940s to Now at the National Gallery of Victoria continues with his recurring theme of man and the machine with Hoist.

American iconographer Richard Prince, best known for his naked, oiled-up picture of a teen Brook Shields titled Spirit of America, revisits the golden days of 70s porn.

Performance art legend Marina Abramovic, whose work also features in the Guggenheim exhibition, creates the weird and wonderful Balkan Erotic Epic, a humourous take on Balkan folklore.

British art star Sam Taylor-Wood and international acclaimed cinematographer Seamus McGarvey travel to Death Valley in the United States to explore the ancient biblical tale of 'Onan' about a man who spilled his seed rather than impregnating his dead brother's wife.

American artist and filmmaker Marco Brambilla uses a montage of clips to look at attitudes to sex and porn in cinema.

Cultural information
Where porn depends on inspiring a physical response, erotica has something broader to say about human beings as sexual creatures. As attitudes toward sexually explicit material in cinema evolve, Destricted seeks to harness these trends by inviting artists, filmmakers and photographers whose work invokes sex, curiosity, desire and satisfaction to explore this territory in a commercial context. For further information, visit the official website -

Panel Discussion Sept 30
The season, part of ACMI's First Look program, features a panel discussion led by Alexie Glass, Director Gertrude Street Gallery about issues around the representations of pornography in art and cinema after the screening on September 30 at 3.30pm.

Destricted contains adult concepts and explicit sexual images, strictly 18+

"Some of the sexiest moments in recent cinema" Chrissie Iles, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

"Destricted is just about the best mix of art and porn that I have ever seen. The quality of these films is so good you ask yourself why no one bothered to do this sort of thing before." Dylan Jones, Editor, British GQ

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