Thursday, 3 March 2005

acmi brings the iron giant to life these school holidays

ACMI is proud to present a special Kids Flicks season of The Iron Giant (April 4-15, excl. Sat/Sun), the debut feature from Brad Bird, director of this year's Oscar winning Best Animated Feature, The Incredibles.

"Imagine 'E.T.' as a towering metal man, that's the appeal of this enchanting animated feature."Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

ACMI's 2-week season of The Iron Giant is one of the highlights in ACMI's April School Holidays program which gives children the chance to experience the movies first-hand through the magic of the big screen in ACMI's State-of-the-Art cinemas.  

A classic animated tale of a boy and his robot featuring an all-star voice cast including Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jnr and Vin Diesel, The Iron Giant (based on a story by Ted Hughes) premiered to great acclaim* from America's leading critics with The Wall Street Journal calling the film "an instant classic that will enchant earthlings for decades to come," while Aint It Cool News said "This movie has soul.  This is the best animated creation I've seen since the height of Harryhausen's craft.  I love this film.  It should be required viewing by every family in the world. watch it together.rejoice and learn. "

The Iron Giant follows the incredible adventures of young Hogarth Hughes who late one night discovers and befriends an enormous robot fallen from the stars.  But Hogarth now has a very big problem: how do you keep a 50-foot-tall, steel-eating giant a secret - especially when there's a nosy government agent asking questions in town and the combined land, sea and air power of the U.S. military mobilizing to demolish the alien invader?

*source - 96% fresh,

Animated Kids Flicks (April 4-15, excl. Sat/Sun)

In addition to The Iron Giant, ACMI's popular Animated Kids' Flicks program will return for the April school holidays with a cavalcade of short animated films guaranteed to delight and captivate the imaginations of children and grown-ups alike. Among the highlights in the forthcoming April season will be the Disney classic Thru the Mirror (1936), where Mickey Mouse falls asleep after reading Lewis Carroll's Through the looking glass and dreams he is in wonderland. Thru the Mirror is notable for its virtuoso animation techniques which anticipated the design and devices used in Disney's later feature version of Alice in Wonderland. Also screening are two other Disney shorts - Toot, Whistle, Plunk & Boom (1953), a 10 minute film where Professor Owl tells his class about the origin and development of musical instruments and Donald's Crime (1945), in which our beloved hero becomes tormented after stealing from his nephews' piggy bank. Completing the program are Walter the Lazy Mouse (1972), which tells the story of a lazy mouse who has to fend for himself when his family moves away without him, and the Tawny Scrawny Lion (1974), where an undernourished lion is befriended by a rabbit, who shows how to satisfy his hunger without eating the other animals in the forest.

Screen Adventures Workshops (April 4-7)

Also returning to ACMI is Screen Adventures for 8 sessions over 4 days commencing April 4. For those kids who'd rather be IN the movies than watching them, book them in for a session of Screen Adventures, an interactive workshop held in ACMI's Screen Pit where they will learn more about the movie making and special effects process first-hand.

Regularly selling out each school holidays, Screen Adventures gives kids the chance to experience Hollywood style digital technology at ACMI. For two hours kids are transported to a myriad of different worlds - back in time to a prehistoric land of the dinosaurs, the interior of an alien spacecraft, a spooky haunted house, the Wild West, a medieval world populated by knights, castles & dragons, and even a future metropolis.

Utilising blue screen technology that is commonly used in the production of Hollywood movies, Screen Adventures allows kids to choose their own adventure and, using simple multimedia tools and processes, create a short movie.  At the end of the workshops kids can enjoy the premiere of a movie they have starred in. 

Whether your children realise their movie dreams through Screen Adventures or delight in the enchating films in Kids Flicks, ACMI will be the must-visit city destination for parents looking for quality, low cost children's entertainment these school holidays!

ACMI thanks Warner Home Video for their support in the promotion of the April 2005 Kids Flicks season.
The Iron Giant is available on DVD from all leading retailers

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