kiss or kill

MA 15+
Bill Bennett, 96 mins, Australia, 1997, 35mm. Courtesy: Hopscotch Films

image from kiss or kill
Kiss or Kill
Bill Bennett's revisionist road movie has sexy Nikki (Frances O'Connor) and greaser Al (Matt Day) as lovers-on-the-lam, fleeing across the Nullarbor Plain when their latest scam goes horribly wrong.

Pursued by two cops (Chris Haywood and Andrew Gilbert) and the venomous ex-footballer child molester Zipper Doyle (Barry Langrishe), the pair leave a glaring trail of bodies and robberies in their wake.

Drawing on familiar film noir conventions, including the increasing sense of distrust that informs a relationship based on crime, the stylish Kiss or Kill plays out with velocity, irreverence and an unexpectedly playful humour.

Dates   Sun 25 Jun 2006, 12pm
No Longer Available
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