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Developer: SMERC / Game Trust, 2005, USA
IGF Award: Nominee, Best Web Browser Game

image from moleculous
Moleculus. Image: SMERC / Game Trust Inc.
Guide the drops of elixir into the beaker and save the environment from messy fossil fuels.

Inspired by the traditional board game Pachinko, players place pegs in a vertical board to conduct 'molecule experiments', controlling the movement of the bouncing elixir drops.

Each level of Moleculous has a scientifically correct chemical puzzle, adding an educational element to the game. As players move up through the levels they get closer to creating 'Cold Fusion' and solving the world's environmental crisis.

developer's statement
SMERC is helping to define independent game development and change both how games are made and what they can achieve for players, marketers and popular culture in general. Our games find new audiences for gaming through inventive design. We strive to expand the boundaries of games and the expectations of players through innovative game mechanics, new forms of game play and startling graphics. All the while making games accessible even to non-gamers.

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