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be near me

There are only two certainties we face. One of them is life itself. On her journey through adolesence troubled teenager Tully Davidson finds herself trapped in a spiralling world. Be Near Me shows how you can be a winner when the world thinks you've lost.

thumbnail the first

the first

At a tension filled New Years Eve dinner party, a group of life-long friends each recount their less-than-romantic tales of virginity loss.

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the halo happening

Halo is not just the most popular X-Box game... when you're the only thing standing between the relentless Covenant and the destruction of all humankind, this is serious stuff! Check out these events and experience this game sensation on the big screen.

thumbnail for reactivate!


An Australian-French exhibition about games and how games influence interactive media projects. The exhibition includes two dual site multi-player games streamed between ACMI and Experimedia, acmipark and Palazzo Littorio.

x|media|lab logo

x|media|lab workshop

An intensive workshop on creativity, ideas, and project development that brings together international mentors who work directly with selected project teams to increase the likelihood of their new media project ideas achieving commercial success.

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X|Media|Lab (Cross Media Lab) is Australia's most prestigious think-tank and workshop for professionals in digital media industries.

x|media|lab logo

x|media|lab professional day conference

A one-day professional conference on the most vital issues in producing successful, commercial digital media content.

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The LP Morgan Screentalks celebrate Melbourne screenwriting with talks and screenings presented by the Australian Writers' Guild - and they're all free!

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gametime symposium

Explore, debate and celebrate new directions in interactive media and computer games development.

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frame x frame

This annual gay and lesbian short film fundraising evening donates all proceeds to the VAC David Williams Fund for people living with HIV/AIDS.

thumbnail for csi

csi: a fluorescent analysis

Consistently the highest rating drama show on Australian television, CSI has clearly captured the attention of lounge critics everywhere. But what is the secret of its success? Join Sue Turnbull as she takes a look at the look of CSI.

thumbnail for gametime


This major international event at ACMI and associated venues is dedicated to diverse apsects of game culture. Gametime sets out to provoke questions about game culture at large and invites audiences to engage, critique and play!

thumbnail image from queer eye for the straight guy

melbourne writers' muster

ACMI hosts this two-day writers' conference filled with panels, masterclasses, discussions and screenings, presented by the Australian Writers' Guild.

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A men's thirty-something, four-by-four swimming relay team need some help. Four years of training. Four years without success. They need a secret weapon. But none of them are ready for the new sensation in sports motivation: the power of their sexuality.



As Evan Ridley's dad is dying, a black dog begins to haunt him. In 1988 there were more nightclubs in Melbourne than anywhere else in the world. That year, on his seventeenth birthday, Evan is introduced to the coolest club of all - Industry.

david shea

david shea: the art of (sampled) memory 2

Renowned New York composer David Shea is back at ACMI with evocative new electronic collages of sound and image.


the network is the artwork

Adrian Miles, Lisa Gye, Troy Innocent, Rebecca Cannon and Adam Nash discuss networked art - its code, its lag, its communities and its new paradigms for exhibition.

empires, ruins & networks image

empires, ruins + networks

Artists, critics and curators will focus on how art contributes to cultural and technological change. With an emphasis on peer-to-peer participation, this conference proposes a unique model of presentation, partnership and critical feedback.

lounge critic

the west wing: from a log cabin to the tv studio

Despite the confusion of many voters, Martin Sheen is not the president of the United States; he just plays one on The West Wing. But in a country where spin is king and actors do become presidents, the line between fact and fantasy gets a little hazy.

next wave: microfiction


Look up and see the text in lights. Voiceworks magazine's Microfiction project for the 2004 Next Wave Festival takes fiction off the page and places it on public screens at ACMI. Read some extremely short stories by young Australian writers.

eyes for other skies

eyes for other skies

Selected from the 2004 Next Wave Festival's Screen program, works by young artists will be presented around the foyers of ACMI on Public Imaging screens, exploring micro-narratives, experimental video, shorts, abstract visuals, hypertext, and AV cutups.

next wave

next wave

Head to ACMI for these genre-busting events from Australia's leading biennial arts festival for young people.

driving through france

medici school lecture series: driving through france

This audio-visual talk includes virtual visits to Chateau Chantilly, Reims, Vezelay and Autun in Burgundy, water-side Brantome and mountain-side Rocamadour on the Dordogne, the Auvergne, and Provence as seen in the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

cast of angel

evil inc: exterminating angel

As the Fang Gang at Angel Investigations close their books for good, we take a look at what made the show stand on its own, even in the shadows of the pop culture darling that spawned it.

acmi events

decomposition: music for film

This series of experiments promotes fusion, mutation, transformation and decimation in the conservative climate of film music, rather than allowing music to merely service the moving image.

liquid architecture logo

liquid architecture sound arts festival 2004: tony conrad

Tony Conrad is considered one of the earliest minimalist composer/performers. He will present a selection of short films from his career including Straight and Narrow, Film Feedback, and the now legendary structuralist experimental film The Flicker.

2004 screen gallery talks

2004 screen gallery talks

Join the curators and artists for a series of talks in the Screen Gallery on the exhibition 2004: Australian Culture Now.

st basils cathedral moscow

medici school lecture series: russia revisited

Kick back with the Cossacks in this audio-visual talk where you will discover the majestic beauty and turbulent history of world's largest country. This fascinating guided tour will include virtual visits to Zagorsk, Suzdal, and, of course, Moscow!

digital design showcase

digital design showcase

Head to the second lab.3000 Digital Design Showcase. Designers will present an overview of a digital design concept, campaign or product, demonstrating the talent and ingenuity that underpin digital design in Victoria.


veris by stella kinsella

Veris is a futuristic drama that explores the cash-rich in a time-poor environment where the ultimate in affluent chic is an ability to be in two places at once, or three, or maybe more. It just depends on your budget. Think about it.

still from le revelateur


Filmmaker and composer/sound designer Philip Brophy's work is always aimed at the visceral audiovisual heart of cinema - performed live for the first time, this is his reconstructed/reinvented score to Philippe Garrel's silent psycho-drama Le Révélateur.

still from a page of madness

a page of madness

A dizzying portrait of an insane asylum boasting an expressionistic aesthetic and elliptical editing, A Page Of Madness is widely credited as one of the finest examples of experimental cinema. See it with a live score performed by In The Nursery.

the footy show thumbnail

unduly rough play - sport and its stars in the media, ad 2004

In a year where sport and its stars have graced the front pages for all the wrong reasons, The Age columnist Leaping Larry L takes a look at the symbiotic, and sometimes idiotic, relationship between sport, its players, its ruling bodies and the media.

thumbnail from ER

body trauma tv: the new hospital dramas

Examines the growing cultural obsession with the body and the Self, in relation to the wave of recent medical dramas in which injury, illness and death are showcased as part of the televisual style; seeking to alarm audiences rather than comfort them.

open house logo

open house 2004

A weekend of fun for all ages at ACMI, with lots more to do at the State Library of Victoria, the Arts Centre, Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum and National Gallery of Victoria.

2004 networked special events

2004 networked special events

Networked live performance events that can be experienced in real and virtual spaces.

2004 online forums

2004 online forums

ACMI and -empyre- present a series of themed online discussions with Australian artists, curators and theorists.

thumbnail: Waco Resurrection

re spawn - games to art

Peace activism inside CounterStrike. Fighting it out at Waco as cult leader David Koresh. Artist and independent games designer Brody Condon bites the hand that feeds using reverse-engineering games technology as a tool of provocative cultural criticism.



A script reading of Self, the new feature drama from Drew Tingwell in which humour and tragedy weave together the lives of seemingly disparate people.

web of life thumbnail

web of life and multi-user networked media art

In this presentation, Professor Jeffrey Shaw - internationally renowned as an artist and researcher in the field of new media art - discusses Web of Life, a project on living networks that links art and science, and other online multi-user art projects.

men are stupid, women are crazy thumbnail

men are stupid, women are crazy

Why is it that we all come from Mars and Venus but end up in hell? A live reading of Men are Stupid, Women are Crazy, the new script by Gordon Napier.

transfigure special events

transfigure special events

ACMI is pleased to present a range of free public talks designed to inform and enhance your Transfigure experience. Talk to the artists and curators of this magnificent program.

rove and co-stars

late night live

Philip Brophy and Scott Goodings, Melbourne's best double act since Don and Bert, discuss the demise of the 20th Century style Australian tonight show, and the rise of the celebrity-safe gabfest - and yes, there will be a wheel segment.

lounge critic: pukka tukka

pukka tukka: celebrity chefs and the age of d.i.y.

There's nothing in the fridge, but plenty on the telly. Media scholar Leanne Downing and television producer Simon Watt explore the phenomenon of celebrity chefs and their ability to arouse the five bodily senses of the home audience.

lounge critic: reinventing ourselves

reinventing ourselves: how reality tv is making us over

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy heralded the beginning of a new trend: personal makeovers. Now Reality TV has turned its attention to making us over; telling us what to wear and how to behave. Jane Roscoe will discuss this new obsession with reinvention.

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