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artist(s): Educational Simulations
country of origin: USA
technology: Windows 98 & above


Explore the consequences of life's choices in different cultures and under different political systems. The simple text interface of Real Lives vividly conjures the complex outcomes of personal decisions. The very real struggle to make better choices and provide a better life for your character makes Real Lives addictively playable.

artist statement
'Real Lives aims to increase empathy for and understanding of people in other cultures and circumstances by enabling the user to live a simulated life in any country of the world. Misunderstanding and dehumanisation of people different from ourselves underlie our ability to make war, to imprison and execute those that our economy drives to crime, and to make laws that exclude or put at a disadvantage minorities, immigrants, or people of particular social classes or castes. By providing a measure of increased understanding, I hope Real Lives will help bring people together in a world where powerful institutions would keep us apart.' Educational Simulations

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