golden shadows: man behind the sun

Tun Fei Mou
104 min, Hong Kong, 1988, 35mm, Mandarin with Engish and Chinese subtitles

Golden Shadows regularly showcases the best from the amazing Hong Kong film industry.

man behind the sun
Image: Man Behind the Sun

Forget the trendy Euro-violence of Irreversible and Baise-Moi, Man Behind the Sun is a truly horrifying docu-drama.

Set in a Japanese terror camp in the end of World War II, the film exposes Japanese atrocities carried out against the Chinese under the rule of General Shiro Ishi, including terrible 'scientific experiments' to develop deadly bacterial plagues.

Dates   Friday 23 April 2004, 9pm
Sunday 16 May 2004, 4pm
Friday 21 May 2004, 9pm
Admission   All tickets $12
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