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la migra

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artist(s): Rafael Fajardo - SWEAT
country of origin: USA & Mexico
technology: Java game distributed using Stagecast player

La Migra and its companion game, Crosser, offer radically opposing perspectives on the human traffic at the world's most densely populated international boundary. The aim of Crosser, based on Frogger, is to get your illegal immigrant across the Rio Grande. That of La Migra, inspired by Space Invaders, is to thwart illegal entry. They represent territory that creator Rafael Fajardo identifies as complex and contradictory, where the stated rules are not always the rules of play.

artist statement
La Migra puts the player in control of the most sophisticated immigration enforcement vehicle in the US arsenal - the air-conditioned Ford Explorer! From within this high-tech suburban mobile command center each player maintains an ever present vigil over their assigned quarter-mile stretch of turf. It is their mission to 'hold the line' and to allow no one to pass.

Facing an overwhelming number of potential alien invaders, they are armed with specially designed flying handcuffs for use on peaceable offenders. If an agent succeeds in their mission to shut down (il)legal human traffic, they will be awarded a commendation. If they fail, they will be overrun and lose their job.

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