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global defense network

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IGF Award: Innovation in Audio (Web/Downloadable Category)

country of origin: USA
year: 2004


Players target colourful, abstract shapes in time to techno soundtracks as they train to protect the earth. The joy of the play comes through the player's satisfaction of a destroyed target and a musical beat in perfect sync. Extending beyond simple hand/eye co-ordination, players use musical cues to help target objects.

With its military simulation interface and game-world set-up, the game alludes to how use of game-like software removes parties from the reality of war: evoking media fascination with the smart bombs of the first Iraq War and the questions this raised about the technologies of warfare.

developer's statement
Global Defense Network's core game-play combines a gallery shooter with a rhythm action game. Each level flows with the music to draw the player in. It was definitely influenced by other rhythm games and was also inspired by the underground demo scene. Global Defense Network builds on those ideas and goes in a new direction to become something very different.

Global Defense Network is my second indie game. As an indie project, it doesn't conform to the rules of the mainstream games industry; that's the advantage of being indie, both for the developer and for the end user.

developer bios & credits

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